If you’re in the market to take your plane to another level with aircraft customization, you may want to consider the best options for carpet on your custom plane. When exploring the idea of customizing your plane, carpet may be an overlooked aspect. However, aircraft carpet is an important element to the comfort, function, and practicality of your plane. 

Companies like Southern Air Custom Interiors can help you create the custom plane of your dream by helping you pick the right carpet for your aircraft and for you. 

Why are airplanes carpeted?  

It’s not just an aesthetic choice when choosing carpet for airplanes. Carpet in airplanes are important for two reasons:

  1. It helps with improving noise absorption 
  2. It ensures additional safety measures for passengers and crew members

Carpets can also make a great visual impact to the design of your custom jet. From a visual standpoint, depending on the design of the carpet, carpet can help make a narrow space feel more roomy. 

For some people, frequent traveling means that their plane becomes almost like a second home. So creating a space that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing is essential. Carpeting can help in accomplishing that cozy ambience that you may be trying to achieve. 

How is aircraft carpet and flooring made?

Aircraft carpet is made with its function in mind, meaning it’s designed to be durable to handle high traffic. 

Common issues–like spilled drinks or food–are considered when creating plane carpet and flooring. Because of this, many aircraft carpets are designed to be spill-proof, eliminating the worry of permanently damaging carpet. It also helps with the hassle of cleaning up messes. 

Safety measures are put into place as well when making aircraft carpet and flooring. This means additional standards for fire and flammability are put into place. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has requirements in place for flame resistance in carpeting.

Types of aircraft carpet 

The two most common types of aircraft carpeting are nylon and wool. 

Additionally, there are hybrid options available for nylon and wool which are a popular choice. Other materials are polyamide, mohair, and polyester. Hybrids of these other materials are also made for aircraft carpet. 

The type of material used in aircraft carpet is important when considering customizing your plane. Safety measures are put into place to test the flammability of aircraft carpet; if burned carpet should have low-smoke emission. 

Benefits to customizing your aircraft carpets 

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Customizing your aircraft doesn’t have to be a difficult project. Aircraft customization allows you to improve your flight experience by catering to your particular wants and needs. Customizing your aircraft carpet has benefits and should be an aspect you consider.

When it comes to customizing your plane, you can take into consideration the style of your seating and choose flooring that will compliment your seating choice.  This can really enhance the design concept of your jet.

Picking out the right kind of carpet doesn’t have to be an overwhelming part of your aircraft refurbishment project. Contact Southern Air Custom Interiors to assist you in picking out flooring that fits your aesthetic and elevating your plane to the next level. 

Common aircraft carpet problems & solutions 

People are often concerned about the care of carpets and this concern still applies to the care of aircraft carpeting. The maintenance of your aircraft is important so knowing the in’s and out’s of proper care is beneficial for any private jet owner. 

There are a few common carpet problems that individuals may run across but luckily enough, these issues can be solved quite easily in many cases. 

Common aircraft carpet problems problems are:

  • Staining, from food, drinks, and anything else 
  • Chewing gum or other substances that can stick to the carpet 
  • Wear in heavy traffic areas like the main entrance to the aircraft

For common stains that appear, it’s important to try and remove as much as you can as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Avoid excessive rubbing when trying to spot treat a stain. 

Make sure you know what type of material your aircraft carpet is so you can use the appropriate cleaning agents. Spills from liquids like tea or coffee can be cleaned by using cotton cloth, or other absorbent paper, to soak up excess moisture. You can then go back with a clean cloth and use the appropriate cleaning products if needed. 

With turbulence (and just simply moving around the cabin) accidents happen so carpet staining is a common occurrence. People often turn to carpet because of its ability to easily hide soil but it’s crucial that to keep carpet clean because once soil gets hidden within the fibers of carpet it can make it much more difficult to clean. 

To maintain the the life of your carpet and prevent further damage to carpet fibers it’s recommended to:

  • Vacuum daily 
  • Spot and spill removal when necessary
  • Deep clean on a regular basis
  • Pile lifting 

Pile lifting is an effective method in maintaining the life of your carpet. Pile lifting is when the carpet pile is lifted to break loose and remove embedded soil that a commercial vacuum might not be able to remove.

It’s recommended to perform pile lifting in heavy traffic areas. The embedded soil is harder for vacuuming to clean up. Over time this actually makes vacuuming more efficient because it’s not fighting to try and pick up deep seated dirt. 

There are companies out there, like Southern Air Custom Interiors, that provide maintenance services to help maintain the longevity of your aircraft. 

Where to get the best custom carpets for your aircraft

Southern Air Custom Interiors 

Southern Air Custom Interiors offers more than 30 years of expertise and knowledge when it comes to aircraft interior. Southern Air can help you design the private jet of your dreams by helping you pick the right kind of flooring to fit your style. 

Each client presents unique tastes and styles when it comes to the interior of their plane. Southern Air Custom Interiors takes the time to understand each of their clients needs and can help you pick the right carpet based on those needs and functionality. 

Aside from the interior design aspect, Southern Air Custom Interiors will not only install your carpet but can also provide the maintenance needed in keeping your jet in tip-top shape. 

Pricing:  Contact Southern Air Custom Interiors for a quote today. 

SCS Interiors

SCS Interiors is a family owned business located in Minnesota that has been operating since 1989 . SCS Interiors can help in the design and installation process making customizing your plane easy. 

Pricing: Contact SCS Interiors of a quote

Aero Marine Interior 

Located in Miami, Florida, Aero Marine Interior, Inc. specialize in aircraft interiors, which include carpeting for your plane. Service technicians are available to remove and install new carpet that fit your style and need. 

Pricing: Contact Aero Marine Interior, Inc. for a quote.

Conclusion: Get Your Custom Aircraft Carpet Today! 

Your plane’s carpet and flooring shouldn’t be a feature you overlook when customizing or refurbishing your aircraft. As one of the best aircraft maintenance companies for private jets, Southern Air Custom Interiors take pride in providing high quality products and materials to keep your private jet in its best shape. 

A well-designed jet with beautiful details–like carpeting–can help add to the resale value of your aircraft. It also provides a level of comfort that’s important when traveling. High quality flooring can create a luxurious experience for passengers, making travel much more enjoyable. 

Contact Southern Air Custom Interiors to get a quote on carpet and flooring.

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