A restored aircraft provides safety, security and allows you to travel without all the hassles that are associated with traveling commercially. Your jet serves you well, so making sure your aircraft is looking its best and performing optimally should be important. 

Your aircraft will face normal wear and tear over the years, making aircraft restoration is vital if you want your aircraft to be performing reliably. Luckily, taking on an aircraft restoration project doesn’t have to be overwhelming when skilled experts like Southern Air Custom Interiors have the knowledge and qualifications you need for the job. 

Through proper aircraft maintenance and inspection, the knowledgeable technicians  at Southern Air Custom Interiors can help you decide what restorations need to be done to keep your jet or plane performing at tip-top shape. 

What is aircraft restoration?

Aircraft restoration is the process of restoring your aircraft so that it functions as if it were almost brand new again. This process includes disassembling, inspecting, and cleaning and reassembling various parts of your jet.

Aircraft restorations are also done on jets that may be used for show, rather than for flights. For example, The Museum of Flight Restoration Center and Reserve Collection in Everett, Washington take on about 3-5 restoration projects at a time in their 23,000 sq. ft. facility. Volunteers help restore aircrafts in the most historically accurate way, and then display them for exhibitions that showcase the history and prestige of these once beloved jets. 

Keep in mind that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has certain protocols in place when it comes to restoring and refurbishment of aircrafts. Southern Air Custom Interiors are knowledgeable in the proper protocols and certifications that are needed when restorations are performed on an aircraft. 

Why do I need to restore my aircraft? 

Restoring your aircraft helps maintain the integrity and overall function of your jet. The Federal Aviation Administration has certain protocols in place to ensure that your aircraft is safe for flight. Regular aircraft maintenance and annual inspections are essential  components to owning a private jet. 

Restoration of your aircraft can also help with your jet’s resale value if and when you decide to put your plane on the market. Often buyers want something that’s already polished and ready to fly so restoring your aircraft adds value for potential buyers. 

What is the process of aircraft restoration? 

There are a couple moving parts to the process of restoring your aircraft. First getting in contact with experts like Southern Air Custom Interiors can help you decide what type of refurbishments you might be interested in or may be needed.

Make sure you have proper paperwork and documentation for your aircraft, whether it’s one you  own, or just one you’re purchasing for a restoration project. 

In order to fly your restored aircraft, you’ll also need current registration and an airworthiness certificate. You’ll need to make sure the appropriate annual inspection has been performed on your aircraft, this is why having your AD’s compiled before is important. 

Proper paperwork and documentation includes:

Once all the necessary paperwork is gathered, inspection of your aircraft can begin. This involves taking apart your jet, inspecting the pieces, and taking notes. Through this process Southern Air Custom Interiors will be able to determine any problems that need to be addressed and fixed. 

Restoring your aircraft isn’t just limited to preparing or updating the overall function of the jet, but also making modifications that help evaluate your flying experience. This can involve customizing your jet to reflect your style or incorporating aspects that may make your travels more comfortable and luxurious. 

Are you interested in customizing your seats and upholstery? Making these updates can help ensure greater safety measures are put into place as well as uplevel the current comfort and style of your aircraft. 

If completely overhauling your seats doesn’t seem necessary at the time, repairs can be made to your seating to help deal with normal wear and tear that can occur. The repair process can include minor tasks like tightening screws or lubricating moving parts. A thorough cleaning can be done to improve the appearance of your seating, giving it a nice “refresh”.

How to restore your aircraft

There are a countless number of choices to consider when restoring your jet. Luckily, the knowledgeable experts at Southern Air Custom Interiors can help you decide what you want and what is truly needed to get your jet in the best shape possible. 

Interior aircraft restoration

Restoring the interior of your aircraft offers you the chance to refresh your space and make it feel brand new again. Interior refurbishment helps add value to your jet as well as make traveling safer and more comfortable.

During the restoration process, an experienced technician from Southern Air Custom Interiors can inspect your aircraft for any safety concerns that need to be addressed within the interior. This could be something as simple as a small scratch on a window that could later result in a broken window. 

Interior aircraft restoration can include:

  • Seating repair and upholstery
  • Window shade repair and/or replacement
  • Headrests 
  • Seat belts
  • Carpeting and flooring 
  • Door handles 
  • Cabinets
  • Lighting upgrades and/or replacement
  • Walls and paneling 
  • Baggage tie straps 
  • Sound proofing 
  • Avionics 

Exterior aircraft restoration

Exterior aircraft restoration serves an important function to your aircraft. From a visual perspective, exterior restorations can help make your aircraft look new and fresh. Overall, there are also a few aspects that can help with functionality of your aircraft.

Exterior aircraft restoration might include:

  • Painting 
  • Buffing and detailing
  • Window replacement or scratch removal 
  • Wheel repairs and upgrades 
  • Weather damage, such as hail damage 
  • Corrosion repair 
  • Exterior lighting 
  • Composite structure
  • Landing gear door
  • Access doors
  • Wing and tail repairs
  • Engine upgrades 

Aircraft customization 

Customizing your plane might be one of the most exciting things you can do as a private jet owner! Customization to your aircraft allows you to show off your style and make traveling much more relaxing and enjoyable with all the options that are available beyond a standard  restoration. 

Aircraft customization options to consider:

  • LED cabin lighting 
  • Cabin management systems
  • Wheelchair accomodations
  • Collapsible bedding
  • Countertops 
  • Cohesive color schemes throughout your plane, inside and out
  • Sidewall 
  • Customized wood veneer 
  • Lavatory
  • Galley area 
  • Functional work area 

Conclusion: Find an aircraft restoration company near you!  

Your options are endless when it comes to restoring your aircraft–from functional restoration to adding your own customizations. Specialists at Southern Air Custom Interiors can guide you through the process of restoring your beloved jet, making sure it fits your style and is working like it’s brand new!

The expert team at Southern Air Custom Interiors has over 30 years of knowledge and experience that you can trust. They will make sure that the restoration process of your jet is transparent and smooth by providing high quality work with your safety and comfort in mind. Ensuring that your plane is performing to the high standard safeguards those elements of time, comfort, and safety. 
Ready to restore your aircraft and have it running like it’s brand new? Contact Southern Air Custom Interiors today to explore your options.

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