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Beechcraft 58 Baron Interior

Picking up from the last post on the 58 Baron in the shop

Upon picking our materials and carpeting for the Beechcraft 58 Baron Interior, we anxiously awaited the arrival of what will soon be the new interior of the 58 Baron. Luckily for our team, Textron was not in the mix this time. The owner chose Fortress from their Navigation collection and Green Hides’ Aeronautica collection in Slate for the leathers. We used Fortress for the seats and Slate for the sidewalls. Our large foam order came in, and we broke out the electric knives to ensure clean, smooth cuts so the hides lay perfectly over the top.

1980 Beechcraft 58 Baron Interior

Around this time, the carpeting came in. Our team got to work making sure to snip and slice exactly right for fitting, and we will be sending that to the carpet serger shortly to stitch up the sides and have it ready for install in the Baron. We also received the new bulbs from Pilot Lights and a 4-ohm speaker from Kicker to replace so of the electrical detailing that was outdated or shot. Those were installed quickly and certain began to pull everything together

Next, we started on painting the doors and plastics- and the results were unreal! Just a quick coat of paint and the exposed metals and plastics looked brand new again- no ordering or repair necessary.

Speaking of plastic parts, our shop also got the older pieces repaired, patched and ready to roll! This was a tedious task, but whenever we cannot find a part we look to the best option for the customer and aircraft part repair is something we always consider. Without dropping any names, but a specific company quoted us $26,000 for the right-hand side molding. That was way more than the customer had in mind given this was a total redesign- a part like that can easily double the cost. Luckily, our guys in the shop are experienced and knew exactly what to do when things were getting down to the wire and the budget was important.

Our headliner also arrived this week. We ordered Platinum from the Tapis Ultra Pro collection and Ash from the Ultra Collection. We felt this Ash for the main color along with Platinum for the detailing would give this interior the pop it needed. Platinum is slightly lighter than Ash and has a textured sheen, making it stand out along the contours of the cockpit.

We will post a picture of the completed headliner along with the install and finished product in the next edition. Continue to check for 1980 Beechcraft 58 Baron Interior updates and follow us on social media for a day-by-day look at what takes place in our shop!

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