The best business and private jet interior design provides not only comfortable flying but also a home-away-from-home atmosphere. Private jet owners commission specialized interior design firms to create more luxurious, personalized custom aircraft spaces. With their comfortable leather seats and desks, lavish furnishings, high-quality entertainment systems, luxury tableware, and exclusive suites, these impressive private jet interiors provide the ultimate cabin experience. 

Costs for customizing a private jet interior can vary widely, depending on the extent of the work that is needed. Some of the factors that will affect the cost include the size and type of jet, the materials and finishes that are used, and the level of customization that is desired. If you’re in need of help with customizing your own private jet, Southern Air Custom Interiors can help you on your journey in creating the aircraft of your dreams.

Best Business and Private Jet Interior Designs

AirJet Boeing 777

AirJet Designs has imagined and customized a Boeing 777 as a flying casino.  Inside the luxury lounge of the aircraft features casino games tables and bar service, with space for passengers to move around, relax, and mingle.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Lounge featuring casino games tables and bar service

Designer: AirJet Designs

Cost: $279 million

Airbus A380 VVIP 

Also known as the Flying Palace, the Airbus A380 VVIP is the largest and the heaviest passenger aircraft ever built. Although its large size is atypical of luxury private jets, in 2007, the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia ordered a customized Airbus A380 VVIP designed as a flying palace. 

Inside this luxury aircraft, the elaborate concept included a car garage, a steam room, and two decks of living and working space. The upper deck also housed an exclusive residence for VIPs.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Steam room
  • Car garage
  • Office area

Designer: Edese Doret Industrial Design

Cost: $600 Million

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Called the Azure, Boeing 787 Dreamliner design reflects both land and sea. It is made with a soft, relaxing color palette along with a beautiful neutral color scheme. The personalized center section features an open living space with an entertainment lounge, a bar, and a formal dining room.

 A master suite and private office occupy the forward section of the airplane, and two mini-suites in the aft section provide guest accommodations. A spa serenity room in the aft area offers passengers a space for in-flight exercise and relaxation.

Unique Design Features: 

  •  Spa serenity room
  • Master suite
  • Entertainment lounge

Designer: Greenpoint Technologies

Cost: $250 million

Boeing 747-8

Alberto Pinto Interior Design has worked extensively on private jet interiors; particularly on Boeing 747-8. The designer customized aircraft is a billionaire private jet’s dream featuring a dining room, a media seating room, a master bedroom suite, an office and a guest bedroom.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Gold lacquered wood accents
  • Media room
  • Master suite 

Designer: Alberto Pinto Interior Design

Cost: $358 million

Boeing BBJ 777-8

Called Genesis, Sky Style draws inspiration from elements of nature to customize this Boeing BBJ 777-8. For instance, the color palette is evocative of a cloudy white-sand beach, its ceiling is decorated with LEDs that evoke stars in the night sky, and it is full of sweeping lines and curves that recall rolling hills.

Unique Design Features: 

  • LED “star” ceiling
  • Dining area

Designer: Sky Style

Cost: $410 Million

Bombardier Global 7000

The Global 7500 aircraft stands alone as the world’s largest and longest range business jet. Within its luxurious interior are four true living spaces, including a seating area, a dining or meeting area, a cinema room, and a bedroom,  a full size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Full size kitchen
  • Dedicated crew suite
  • Cinema room

Designer: Bombardier

Cost: $73 Million

Comlux ACJ319

The Comlux America’s Airbus Corporate Jet 319 (ACJ319) offers a soothing, comfortable space that feels more like a home than the inside of a business jet. The aircraft is like flying a luxury home. 

The jet’s entryway is bright and welcoming, with an ornate floor. The cabin is fully equipped with Wi-Fi and a range of entertainment options available in the dining area, conference space, and the spacious lounge.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Conference room
  • Dining area

Designer: Comlux The Aviation Group

Cost: $87 Million

HAECO Private Jet Solutions Interior

Based on an Airbus A330-200 jumbo jet cabin, the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company brand has developed a versatile turnkey interior look with an ultra-modern aesthetic with a bright and vibrant Eastern flair. 

The cabin layout features a sushi bar, library lounge area, and hand-painted silk wallpaper with bamboo and dragon motifs throughout.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Sushi bar
  • Library area 

Designer: Haeco Private Jet Solutions 

Cost: $229 Million

Mercedes-Benz Style VIP Jet

The Mercedes-Benz Style VIP Jet design features a spiral element that helps to create new independent spatial zones within the cabin. The sense of space is enhanced by Mercedes’ use of contrasting materials, color, and lighting. The floors, walls, and ceilings create the illusion of flowing into each other. 

The cabin windows are concealed by panels inspired by the screen design in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, using the Magic Sky technology found in the car that allows passengers to control how much light can pass through them. Touchscreens and video displays also can be integrated into the panels.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class Magic Sky technology, like touchscreens in the panels 
  • Spiral interior design element 

Designer: Mercedes and Lufthansa Technik

Cost: Not listed.

Sky Yacht One

Sky Yacht One,is  a custom private jet based on the new ultralong-range Embraer Lineage 1000E and created through a collaboration between Embraer and the experiential designer Eddie Sotto.

This jet features exterior details and interior refinement evocative of a  motor yacht. The private jet features five cabin zones, three lavatories, a full stand-up shower, and a reception area that doubles as a crew lounge.

Unique Design Features: 

  • Motor-yacht style 
  • Full shower

Designer: Eddie Sotto

Cost: $ 83 Million

Business and Private Jet Design FAQs

Best business or private jet designers?

There are a number of outstanding business and private jet designers.

What company is the best for interior jet design?

Southern Air Custom Interiors has been in business for 30 years with the goal of providing high quality, custom aircraft interiors and overall aircraft care at an affordable price. Southern Air has experience with working on a vast number of different aircraft manufacturers that include but are not limited to Cessna, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, King Air, Learjet and many more.

Southern Air Custom Interiors can provide care with:

And much more! You can contact Southern Air Custom Interiors to speak with an expert and request a quote.

How much does it cost to customize a private jet or redo a private jet interior?

There is unfortunately no definitive answer to this question as the cost of redoing a private jet can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size and complexity of the project. The best thing to do is contact a reputable company that specializes in jet interior design in order to discuss your wants and get an accurate estimate. 

What company makes the best private jet?

There are a number of companies that make outstanding private jets like Cessna and Boeing. The advantage of owning a private jet is having the ability to customize it to your liking. Companies like Southern Air Custom Interiors can redesign and refurbish your aircraft to the standard you want and deserve. 

Conclusion: How to get the best interior design for your jet

If you are planning to design interiors for an aircraft, it is always best to seek a professional’s opinion on your concept or idea. A major benefit of owning your own plane is having the ability to customize it so that it fits your needs and wants. 

A well-designed plane not only looks luxurious but with proper care and maintenance will provide the safety and peace of mind you want when traveling in the sky. Southern Air Custom Interiors can help you guide through the process from concept to delivery. 

The expert team at Southern Air can assist you in customizing your aircraft by helping you with the design and layout, customizing your seats, picking out the best flooring and carpeting, and installing high quality, FAA approved custom cabinets to help elevate the look and feel of your plane’s interior. 

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