If you’re looking to become a certified pilot in Texas, you’ll need to go to a flight schools. But which one should you choose? With dedicated flight schools and even aircraft rental businesses branching out with lessons, your options are endless. 

Learning how to fly an airplane or helicopter can become an amazing addition to your skillset. If you own a private jet for travel or are part of an aviation community, or are perhaps trying to start a business relating to this field, learning about aircraft maintenance and aviation is a must. 

There are lots of flight schools around the United States – even United Airlines just opened up their own flight school – but if you’re looking for flight schools in Texas, you’re in luck! 

There are plenty of aviation colleges and flight schools in Texas for you to choose from (many located around Houston) so to decide which one is best for you, you’ll want to consider factors like cost, location, and course duration. We’ll be telling you about the best flight schools in Houston for pilot training so that you can take your pick easily. 

How to Become a Pilot in Houston 

To become a pilot in Houston, you need to:

  • Be at least 17 years of age.
  • Read, write and converse in English fluently.
  • Hold at least a third class FAA medical certificate

The requirements for obtaining a private pilot license are:

  • 40 hours of flight time, of which:
    • 10 hours must be of solo flight time 
    • 5 hours of cross-country flying ( to an airport at least 50 nautical miles away)

You’ll be able to fly your private jet or aircraft after this, but if you’re interested in flying commercially, you need to meet the following requirements: 

  • Be 18 years of age or above 
  • Have the minimum of a High School Diploma or Certificate of Graduation
  • Receive private pilot training with instrument rating
  • Pass the written and practical examinations for obtaining your commercial flying license

Flight schools in Texas offer all sorts of pilot training courses that can fit within your schedule and help you meet your flying goals easily and learn about aircraft maintenance in a conducive environment. Some flight schools also have in-house rental services and run an aircraft maintenance business, all in one place. 

Here are some of the best flight schools in Houston for pilot training. The schools are also accepting students of all age groups, so no matter where you are in life, there’s a place for you here. 

Best Aviation Colleges in Houston, Texas for Pilot Training

Ameri Flight School

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Ameri Flight School is not just for the aviation newbie. This school offers flight training for different kinds of aircraft. From single-engine Cessnas to multi-engine commercial aircraft, they can teach any student anything they need and have detailed instruction manuals to help you get started. 

With accelerated flight training and a membership-based enrollment program, you’ll be getting access to some top-notch services and amenities for a much lower price. 

Ameri Flight School’s programs include: 

  • Student Pilot Course 
  • Single-Engine Private Pilot Course 
  • Single-Engine Instrument Course 
  • Single-Engine Commercial Course
  • Complex and High-Performance Endorsement 
  • Professional Pilot Course (P-3) including PPL-IFR-SEL-MEL
  • Professional Pilot Course (P-2) including PPL-IFR-SEL-MEL-CFI-CFII
  • Professional Pilot Course (P-3) including PPL-IFR-SEL-CFI-CFII-MEI-MEL

Program Length:

Ameri Flight School provides unlimited hours of ground instruction. As soon as the students know enough about flying, they have up to 10 hours of dual-flight. 


The Student Pilot course costs $2,500 and instructor rates start at $65/hour.

American Flyers-Houston 

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American Flyers has some versatile options for flying enthusiasts of all levels and is one of the best flight schools in Houston for pilot training. Whether you’re trying to learn how to fly an aircraft as a hobby or chasing a professional flying career, their individual and career training programs are a great way to get started. 

The school’s primarily focused on helping people with busy schedules learn how to fly and create lucrative employment opportunities out of their passion. 

American Flyers’ programs include:

  • Academy Training Program
  • Professional Pilot Program
  • Private Pilot Certification Program
  • Military To Airline Pilot Transition Course

Program Length:

The Private Pilot Certification Program consists of 80 hours of on-site training and instruction. The Academy Training Program includes a few days to clear an FAA Knowledge Test and an Instructor Review. After that, you’ll be starting dual-flight lessons with an instructor in a classroom environment with an academy group. 


Pricing and other details of each course are available upon request.

ATP Flight School 

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ATP Flight School’s instruction curriculum is designed for pilots from beginner to advanced levels. The school has options for full-time and flexible training options for beginners, as well as specialized certification courses for professionals trying to advance their careers and perform high-level flight operations.  

ATP Flight School offers the following programs:

  • Airline Career Pilot Program
  • ATP Certification Course 
  • Airbus A320 Type Rating Program

Program Length:

ATP Flight School provides 7 months of instruction for beginners and a 12-18 month program for students who need a flexible training schedule. 


The Airline Career Pilot Program is priced at $87,995 for 7 course months.

Ascent Aviation

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Ascent Aviation is yet another reputable flight school with courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Ascent features an advanced fleet with the latest aviation technology features. This flight school is also partnered with some of America’s most renowned airlines to give its students the best job placements. 

Ascent Aviation’s programs are as follows: 

  • Private Pilot (PPL) Training 
  • Instrument Rating Training
  • Commercial License (CPL) Training

Program Length:

Students have 3-5 hours of on-ground and flight instruction per week and fly for at least 50 hours before obtaining their PPL license. 


Ascent Aviation has a block pricing system where students pay a starting rate of $80 to rent an aircraft for 10 hours. 20 hour blocks are also available. Rates for lessons and instruction are available upon registration.

Flight Safety International 

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Flight Safety International’s training is aimed at creating seasoned pilots who can navigate through the skies smoothly, no matter how tense the situation gets. Their intensive instructions will ensure that you become the best pilot you can possibly be. 

The school offers courses for both commercial and military aviation. It also features some of the most high-end simulation technology and a diverse fleet for training its students.

Some of Flight Safety’s courses are:

  • Pilot Training Program 
  • Master Aviator Program 
  • Advanced Training Program
  • Airline Transport Certification Training Program (ATP CTP)

Program Length:

The length of each program depends on your aircraft, training type, and other factors. This data is available upon registration.


The cost of each program differs from person to person based on their training program, training center, and aircraft. Pricing is available on request. 

Flying Tigers

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Flying Tigers Flight School has a rich selection of programs for beginners who are recently getting into flying, as well as enthusiasts who want to get into professional aviation. The school has a large fleet featuring Cessna 172s and Grumman Cheetah aircraft. 

Flying Tigers has the following aviation programs:

  • Private Pilot Certificate 
  • Instrument Certificate 
  • Commercial pilot Certificate 

Program Length:

The Private Pilot Certificate includes 35 hours of ground instruction and 35 hours of flying, while the Commercial Certificate includes 120 hours of flight time.


The Private Pilot course at this pilot school in Houston costs $11,000 and the Commercial Certificate course’s prices start at $24,000.

Texas Flight 

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Texas Flight is an award-winning aviation school and a fleet that includes some rare models for practice and rental purposes. Their pilot-training courses are comprehensive and feature the right variety for learners of all skill levels. The school also offers a discovery flight to help you get the hang of flying. 

The programs offered by Texas Flight are:

  • Private Pilot Training
  • Instrument Rating 
  • Commercial Pilot Training 

Program Length:

Texas Flight School’s courses include at least 100 hours of pilot-in-command flight time for a commercial license and 40 hours for a private flying license. 


Course pricing is available upon request.

The Flight School Inc. 

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The Flight School Inc. located in Spring & Brookshire, Texas is one of the area’s only nationally recognized aviation schools. The school features an impressive fleet available for rentals, and great course options for flying fanatics and professionals. 

Their programs include: 

  • Basic Training 
  • Advanced Training
  • Instrument Rating 
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Multi-Engine Training 

Program Length:

The Flight School Inc. offers short-term advanced programs that can be completed within 7 days straight. The Basic Training and Instrument require 40 and 50 hours of flight time each. The commercial license requires 250 hours of flight time. 


Pricing for each program is available on request. 

United Airlines Training Center 

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United Airlines recently shifted its training facility to the former Stapleton International Airport site east. Since the school has been inaugurated quite recently, there is very little information available on its courses and training programs. 

Program Length:

The details of the programs and their length is currently unavailable. 


More information on the programs and United Airlines Training Center’s pricing can be obtained by reaching out to their help desk. 

United Flight Systems

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United Flight System promises aviation training excellence as one of the oldest and best flight schools in Houston for pilot training. Launched back in 1989, the school has since maintained its legacy. 

United Flight Systems has a large facility at Hooks Airport and a number of on-ground classrooms. They’ve also got access to an on-site full-service pilot supply store!

United Flight Systems offers the following programs:

  • Sport Pilot
  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating 
  • Commercial Rating 
  • Multi-Engine Rating 

Program Length:

United Flight Systems requires at least 150 hours of flying for a commercial license and 50 hours of flight experience for a private license. 


The Private Pilot course comes at an average price of $10,165.

Veracity Aviation

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Veracity Aviation offers courses for helicopter pilot training. If you’re specifically looking to learn how to fly helicopters, Veracity is one of the best flight schools in Houston for pilot training for helicopters.

With Veracity, you’ll be on your way to either becoming a professional private pilot, or simply taking your love for flying helicopters to the next level by turning it into a career.

Their programs include:

  • Private Helicopter Pilot License
  • Helicopter Instrument Rating Training
  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot Training
  • Airline Transport Pilot Training
  • Veteran Pilot Training

Program Length:

Getting a private Pilot License requires a minimum of 35 hours of flight time.


Course prices are charged at block time accounts with each block’s price starting at $4000 and $2000 range.

How Much Does Flight School Cost in Houston, TX? 

On average, if you’re wondering about the pilot school in Houston cost, you could be looking at anywhere between $8,000 – $12,000 for a private pilot license. For a commercial license, prices start at $24,000 but vary greatly based on

  • Training length 
  • Aircraft 
  • Certifications included in the program

It’s also worth noting that some institutes offer better employment opportunities to graduates than others. This might account for increased course prices when considering the pilot school in Houston cost breakdown, but the best flight schools in Houston for pilot training are ones that sit right with your aviation goals. 

Therefore, if you don’t wish to fly commercially, going for a private training-focused school would be the right option for you.


Flight schools in Texas offer an amazing experience for you to open up new career opportunities or find a new hobby that can literally help you reach the skies. We hope that our selection of some of the best flight schools in Houston for pilot training can help narrow down your options.
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