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The private jet industry and charter market are booming. As new customers flood the market, we’ve gathered a list of the ten best aircraft management companies for private jets to help you navigate the industry.

Experts attribute the private jet industry boom to global lockdowns, commercial flight restrictions, safety concerns amidst COVID-19, as well as an unprecedented, rapid wealth transfer that the pandemic helped to fuel. The growth includes private jet owners using their jets and charter customers opting for a private flight instead of a commercial one. 

If you own a private or business jet, you know that managing it is a tricky task both in the short term and long term. 

From implementing a safety management system and flight crew hiring to aircraft maintenance, aircraft owners have trouble managing the vast moving pieces of a private jet. To ensure each of your flight experiences is safe, smooth, and comfortable, you might consider enlisting the services of an aircraft management company.

Let’s go through the ten best aircraft management companies for private jets and why they’re necessary. 

Why Do You Need An Aircraft Management Company For Your Private Jet?

Aircraft management companies help aircraft owners handle all the tricky aspects of a jet. For aircraft owners, a private jet management company can be a great help in the following areas:

Aircraft Maintenance

Cars require regular maintenance to ensure they’re safe and run smoothly. The same goes for airplanes. Aircraft management companies oversee all the work needed on a plane to ensure safe flight operations — inspections, testing, repairs, avionics, and light and heavy checks. Further, they will complete the work according to America’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. 

Aircraft structural technicians conduct light and heavy checks on an airplane. Light checks entail checking air pressure, tires, lights, furnishing, and potential cosmetic damages. Heavy checks deal with heavy corrosion, maintaining, repairing, and replacing aircraft structures like wings, tails, horizontal or vertical stabilizers, flaps, and leading edges. 

Hundreds of electric systems are fitted to an aircraft to perform vital functions, from light switches to radar sensors. Avionics professionals fix wiring issues and ensure that all of the electric systems work correctly. Mechanics check for any problems with brakes or hydraulics. 

Now, the average aircraft owner might not understand the work involved in aircraft maintenance, know the latest FAA regulations, or have the expertise to enlist the help of the right professionals to care for their private jet properly. Aircraft management companies often have years or decades of experience with aircraft maintenance and can manage all the necessary checks and repairs. 

Charter Revenue and Management

The costs of ownership for a private jet are extensive. If you want to make income by renting out your jet to groups, individuals, and businesses, many aircraft management companies will manage charters for you. They can help ensure you charter your plane according to government regulations, collect and disperse charter revenue, and maintain safety.


Private jets are glamorous, but poor operation or management poses safety risks. Aircraft management companies help strategize a safety management system with alerts, regular repairs, technology, and any other support needed to ensure a safe flight every time.

Crew Hiring and Training

A jet needs a pilot and sometimes an attendant or a few, for that matter. Aircraft management companies vet, hire, and train the crew required to operate your jet. 

Top 10 Aircraft Management Companies for Private Jets

We’ve scoured the internet and gathered this list of ten aircraft management companies proven to ensure the smooth operation of any aircraft owners’ private jets. 

Southern Air Custom Interiors

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Founded: 1989 

Headquarters: Haleyville, Alabama

FBOs: Haleyville, Alabama

Southern Air Custom Interiors offers a wide range of services, including annual maintenance, custom avionics installation, interior & exterior design, and parts location. 

Whether it’s an update to navigation and avionics technology, a simple repair, or a complete custom overhaul, using best practices and methods, Southern Air Custom Interiors provides a bespoke experience tailored to your needs, tastes, and budget. 

With over 30 years in the business, customers can feel secure knowing that the Southern Air Custom Interiors process gives them the highest quality projects on time and within budget.

Southern Air Custom Interiors Services

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Executive Jet Management (EJM) (a subsidiary of NetJets) 

Executive Jet Management logo, Best management companies private jets

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Founded: 1977

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

FBO Locations: Centennial Airport (APA) in Denver-Aurora, Colorado

Executive Jet Management is an aircraft management company that offers support with safety above all else, as it has one of the most extensive safety management systems. The system includes an emergency-response plan and risk mitigation. As a subsidiary of NetJets, EJM has the financial resources to effectively and optimally manage clients’ best interests with aircraft management and charter management. 

Executive Jet Management services

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Clay Lacy Aviation (CLA)

Clay Lacy logo, Best management companies private jets

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Founded: 1968

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

FBO Locations:

Van Nuys and Santa Ana, California; Maui, Hawaii; Oxford, Connecticut.

Clay Lacy Aviation is one of the country’s leading aircraft management companies that offer services across 20 cities within the United States. CLA offers many aircraft maintenance services like cabin maintenance, interiors, parts, and Avionics maintenance.

Clay Lacy services

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Jet Aviation (JA)

Jet Aviation logo, Best management companies private jets

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Founded: 1967

Headquarters: Switzerland

FBO Locations:

Boston, Massachusetts; Bozeman, Montana; Dallas and Houston, Texas; San Juan, Puerto Rico; West Palm Beach, Florida; Scottsdale, Arizona; St. Louis, Missouri; Van Nuys, California; Dulles, Virginia.

Jet Aviation offers defense services, extensive aircraft maintenance, charters, and much more. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Jet Aviation has over 4,000 employees and has expanded to a global operation since its founding as a family business in 1967. 

Jet Aviation Services

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Jet Edge International (JEI) 

Jet Edge logo, Best management companies private jets

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Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

FBO Locations: 

Sedona and Tucson in Arizona; Monterey, Napa, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and Van Nuys in California; Denver, Colorado; Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Miami, Naples, and Stuart in Florida; Honolulu and Kailua/Kona in Hawaii; Coueur D’Alene, Idaho; New Orleans, Louisiana; Barnstable, Massachusetts; Columbia, Missouri; Teterboro, New Jersey; White Plains, New York; Providence, Rhode Island; Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas and Austin in Texas; Heber and Salt Lake City in Utah; Dulles, Virginia; Marsh Harbour and Nassau in the Bahamas; Road Town, British Virgin Islands; Cabo San Lucas, Oaxaca and San Jose del Cabo in Mexico; and Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten.

JEI is especially renowned for its professionalism and success in chartering jets for its clients, with some clients moving from jet cards to purchasing their aircraft. They offer superb, customizable service packages. The best thing about JEI is that they provide one point of contact for all their aircraft management services, which cover:

  • Detailed accounting for the aircraft
  • Charter revenue management
  • Flight coordination
  • Crew training
  • Maintenance

JEI is also one of the most renowned aircraft management companies for safety, boasting certifications like Argus Platinum, IS-BAO Stage 3, ASAP, and FOQA. They have over 25 years of experience and have headquarters in Ohio. 

Jet Edge services

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Founded: 1946 

Headquarters: Teterboro, New Jersey

FBO Locations:

Teterboro, New Jersey and Hayward, San Francisco

In service for over 40 years, Meridian specializes in aircraft detailing, cleaning, and decontamination. 

Meridian services

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Aircraft Services Group Inc (ASG)

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Founded: 1990

Headquarters: Teterboro, New Jersey

FBO Locations:

Teterboro, New Jersey; Westchester and Farmingdale, New York; Burbank, California.

ASG specializes in aircraft management, aircraft acquisitions, charters, and consulting. 

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Jet Linx

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Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

FBO Locations:

Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Fort Worth, and San Antonio Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Miami, Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana; New York, New York; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; Omaha, Nebraska; St. Louis, Missouri; Scottsdale, Arizona; Washington D.C.; Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jet Linx prides itself on its excellent client service and localized business to offer clients familiarity with the Jet Linx experience. They value safety, hold many certifications to that effect, and manage one of the country’s most extensive Part 135 aircraft fleets. 

Jet Linx services

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Wheels Up Delta Private Jets

Wheels Up logo, Best management companies private jets

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Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

FBO Locations: Hebron, Kentucky

Wheels Up used to be Delta Private Jets, until 2013 when an acquisition took place. The professionals at Wheels Up have 35+ years of experience and offer excellent aircraft maintenance, aircraft management, and charter services. 

Wheels Up services

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Cirrus Aviation Services

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Founded: 1984

Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada

FBO Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada

The largest Las Vegas aircraft management company, Cirrus Aviation Services, manages and operates both private and commercial jets. Their aircraft management clients enjoy many services, like flight coordination, staff hiring, acquisition management, and charter management. 

Cirrus Aviation services

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Are you curious about aircraft management or uncertain about your specific needs for your jet? Contact Southern Air Customs Interiors today to discuss how we can assist you in all your flight departments. 


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