11 Best Business and Private Jet Interior Designs

The best business and private jet interior design provides not only comfortable flying but also a home-away-from-home atmosphere. Private jet owners commission specialized interior design firms to create more luxurious, personalized custom aircraft spaces. With their comfortable leather seats and desks, lavish furnishings, high-quality entertainment systems, luxury tableware, and exclusive […]

G550 Gulfstream: Price, Interior, and Range

Some of us want the best of the best, and this is especially true for those in the private jet industry. If that’s your goal, Gulfstream delivers tenfold. There’s a reason (or plenty) why 53% of survey respondents chose the Gulfstream G650 as their top aircraft of choice. Of course, […]

Fractional Jet Ownership: Private Jet Fractional Ownership and Costs

Fractional jet ownership provides the benefits of flying private, while also saving on costs like annual maintenance fees and aircraft owner association memberships. But what does private jet fractional ownership entail? And what are the costs?  When it comes to owning private jets, there is no one-size-fits-all. The right choice […]

How to Charter a Private Jet & Best Private Jet Charter Companies

With hundreds of commercial airlines and flights available in the United States each day, how many charter flights do you think people take? As a private jet owner or charter flyer, you might feel the number is small. But the end of 2021 saw a record high number of private […]

18 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World in 2022

Private jets–or private aircraft or charter planes–are used for all sorts of things: traveling for business, vacationing with friends and family members around the world—you name it! Thanks to the time saved, convenience, and customization options that are available, those that can afford it are able to purchase the most […]

Private Jet Sales: How to Get Your Aircraft Ready for Sale

Private jets and charters are a hot industry, with the global business jet market valued at 25.87 billion. Today, private jet sales are moving through the market fast and furious, with 30% of buyers new to the market.  Post-pandemic, the jet market exploded, pumping up prices for secondhand private jets […]

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