18 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World in 2022

Private jets–or private aircraft or charter planes–are used for all sorts of things: traveling for business, vacationing with friends and family members around the world—you name it! Thanks to the time saved, convenience, and customization options that are available, those that can afford it are able to purchase the most […]

Private Jet Sales: How to Get Your Aircraft Ready for Sale

Private jets and charters are a hot industry, with the global business jet market valued at 25.87 billion. Today, private jet sales are moving through the market fast and furious, with 30% of buyers new to the market.  Post-pandemic, the jet market exploded, pumping up prices for secondhand private jets […]

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for Jet Engines in Aviation: What is it and how to fix it

Aircraft have all sorts of power requirements to fly a continuous path with no issue. And guess what: propelling forward isn’t the only function. How do you ensure onboard power generation for a private jet when not connected to the ground power supply? An auxiliary power unit (APU) for jet […]

11 Most Expensive Private Jet Interiors in the World [2022]

Custom private jets can make your life easier and have a multitude of benefits, especially if time and comfort are important to you. And then having an impressive (and expensive) interior on that aircraft is another amazing addition to the experience. From custom interiors to the finest materials, some private […]

Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics : Everything You Need to Know Plus Career & Salary Information

Have you ever wondered how a private jet makes it in the air every time? Behind each engineer’s and mechanics hard work and genius are hundreds of skilled professionals and technicians practicing skilled labor and impeccable communication to maintain and repair aircraft.  Here at Southern Air Custom Interiors, our skilled […]

5 Best Tax Benefits of Owning a Private Jet in 2022

The best, most luxurious way to travel is to have your own private jet. Jet ownership can be a great investment, providing a major tax break. You may think that this tax benefit isn’t a big one, but it is. In fact, it’s the biggest tax benefit of owning a […]

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