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Memphis International Airport (MEM): A Guide to Flying Private

Memphis International Airport (MEM) is a great location for private aviation , hosting various FBOs and concierge services. Many private jet owners in the Tennessee area might assume Nashville Airport is the main destination for private jet hangars , maintenance services , and concierge services. But another great option for private jet management and …

Wheels Up Review - Citation Excel
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Wheels Up Review & Pricing

People all around the world love to fly. Around six million people fly somewhere each day, with 2.9 million alone flying in and out of US airports.  To fly, booking tickets at the airport is just one method. If you have the means, another option is to rent or own a private jet via companies like Wheels Up. In this article, we’ll provide a detail …

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Cessna Interiors

Cessna aircraft are some of the most beloved aircraft worldwide and have been in production for almost a century. Affordability, reliability, and endurance are the main reasons they’re so desirable, but a little-known benefit is the ability to customize Cessna interiors. Because Cessna’s are so prolific, vendors are available to supply a …

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Private Jet Costs

When reading magazines or watching the news, you may hear of business executives from a Fortune 500 company taking a private flight to a meeting. You might also hear about a particular celebrity that takes their private plane to a vacation destination or politicians that take business jets to important government conferences. Have you ever wondered …

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Flexjet Review

If you dream of flying in a private jet , you have many options to choose from. Many aircraft management companies offer charter, leasing, and acquisition services to help you make your private aircraft dreams a reality. Flexjet is one of those companies, and this Flexjet review will tell you all you need to know about this private aviation industry …

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Aircraft Seats: Everything You Need To Know

If you own a private aircraft, keeping your aircraft seat in good condition is important. Lack of proper care for aircraft seats can result in various problems and accidents. We’ve put together this comprehensive blog post to help you fully understand everything you need to know about your aircraft seats.  How are Aircraft Seats Made? Aircr …

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The Ultimate Guide To Aircraft Seat Repair

Aircraft seat repair is a complicated process that involves addressing various issues that may arise during the course of the flight. These may include, but are not limited to, issues with the seat’s track, the seat’s locking mechanism, and the seat’s reclining mechanism. This article covers everything you need to know about Aircra …

Flexjet vs. NetJets - a Gulfstream G650 plain flies over clouds with sunlight shining from behind.
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Flexjet vs. NetJets

Many citizens look to fly privately, turn to different jet companies equipped with innovative fleets. This article takes a look at the two top contenders, Flexjet vs. NetJets. Short and long-range flights require different jets, so individuals should look for companies that provide flexibility for their flying needs.  Private jet companies offer …

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NetJets Review & Pricing

What is NetJets? NetJets is a reliable private jet company that enables individuals to fly internationally at affordable pricing through fractional ownership shares. This Netjets review will tell you all you need to know about the company. The history of NetJets dates back to when it was founded in 1964 when it was initially called Executive Jet Airw …

Two planes in a hangar waiting for servicing.
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8 Best Aircraft Maintenance Companies for Private Jets

Aircraft maintenance companies are an expanding industry, and aircraft Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) forecasts show an $82.4 billion market value by 2024. From landing gear and aircraft engines to engineering maintenance, management of component repairs is necessary for commercial and private jets . As international regulations on aircraft stand …

Contemporary airplane parked in a hangar.
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Aircraft Maintenance Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you own an aircraft, you need to understand aircraft maintenance. Aircraft are complex, massive machines that require routine maintenance to ensure safety. But what exactly does this entail? In this guide, you can learn everything you need to know about aircraft maintenance.   Why is Aviation Maintenance Performed?  Aviation mainten …

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