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Cessna aircraft are some of the most beloved aircraft worldwide and have been in production for almost a century. Affordability, reliability, and endurance are the main reasons they’re so desirable, but a little-known benefit is the ability to customize Cessna interiors.

Because Cessna’s are so prolific, vendors are available to supply all your redesign needs. If you’re not inclined to DIY, Southern Air Custom Interiors can help with your aircraft interior design, including materials for seating, fabrics, layout, design, carpeting, and even ergonomics. 

Today we’ll explore the cost, features, and interiors of various Cessna models and provide you with the best option for customizing your Cessna interiors. 

Cessna Interiors -Southern Air Custom Interiors renovation.

What Kind of Plane is the Cessna Aircraft?

Cessna was founded in Wichita, Kansas, a hub for aviation, by Clyde Cessna in 1927. The company quickly became an aviation pioneer, lauded for its consistent quality, value, and reliability. Cessna interiors are relatively simple for most models, including the Skylark and Citation Longitude jets. Of course, you can get custom interior design depending on your needs, which Southern Air Custom Interiors is always happy to accommodate. 

Cessna offers piston aircraft, planes powered with engines connected to a propeller. They typically can’t fly higher than 15,000 feet, so they are ideal for shorter business trips. You can fit between 1-6 passengers on most Cessna piston aircraft. 

Cessna aircraft are some of the most affordable on the market, especially used ones. You can find a Cessna 150 for around $20,000 if you’re lucky, a lower cost than most cars. Although small, they’re superb first airplanes for the beginner private plane owners

What is the Cost of Buying and Operating and Maintaining Cessna Aircraft Interiors?

Cessna aircraft are known for being some of the most economical plane models, both on the new and used market. You’ll note a few pricing examples for various models below, but generally, the Cessna cost falls within an extensive range of $20,000 to $500,000. 

Maintenance costs, including fuel and repairs, will run the average Cessna owner a minimum of $70,000 per year. 

Cessna Interiors -Southern Air Custom Interiors renovation.

Hire Southern Air Custom Interiors to Redesign Your Cessna Aircraft

With such small capacity limits, Cessna interiors can be refurbished in a timely and cost-efficient manner. But you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style with your Cessna aircraft interior. 

Here at Southern Air Custom Interiors, we share decades of industry experience to help provide exceptionally stylish and comfortable interior features, from upholstery to layout, and we use the highest quality fabrics. Let us give you a unique, custom design to make your Cessna Aircraft feel comfortable and luxurious. 

Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a consultation!

Types of Cessna Aircrafts

Cessna 150

Cessna 150 models are on the lower end of the price range for aircraft, as they’re pretty small and can only hold 1-2 passengers and one crew member (pilot). You can find used models for as little as $16,000, but most will cost you between $25,000- $40,000. 

Interior-wise, you can find basic carpeting and side panels for around $500, with nylon material adding an extra $130 to your price and wool costing an additional $800. These planes are very affordable compared to others and ideal for your first airplane. 

Cessna 150 Performance: 

Seat Capacity: 2-3 (including one pilot)

Max Speed: 162 mph 

Cruise Speed: 123 mph 

Stall Speed: 48 mph 

Range: 421 miles

Service Ceiling: 14,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 670 fpm

Fuel Consumption: 6 gallons

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is slightly larger than the Cessna 150, with higher speeds and greater seat capacity. While you can find the odd used Cessna 172 for sale at about $60,000, most of them will cost you between $100,000 – $200,000.

Sidewall trim panels will cost from $1700, carpets start at around $1,000, and new seat upholstery comes in at $2,500 for earlier models and around $2,000 for newer models.

Cessna 172 Performance: 

Seat Capacity: 2-3 (inclusive of 1 pilot)

Max Speed: 141 mph 

Cruise Speed: 127 mph 

Stall Speed: 46 mph 

Range: 161 miles

Service Ceiling: 14,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 700 fpm

Fuel Consumption: 8.5 gallons

Cessna 182

The Cessna 182 has a few variants, with most models having a capacity of 4 people (1 pilot and 3 passengers). Made primarily of aluminum alloy, the Cessna 182 has models with retractable landing gear powered by hydraulic actuators and an electric pump. Brand new Cessna 182 models can cost you around $500,000, while older used models will have prices in the $300,000- $400,000 range. 

For an interior overhaul, including headliner, side panels, carpets, and seat upholstery, costs land in the $14,000 – $18,000 range depending on the quality of materials chosen.

Cessna 182 Performance:

Seat Capacity: 4 people (including the pilot)

Max Speed: 170 mph 

Cruise Speed: 167 mph 

Stall Speed: 56 mph 

Range: 1,070 miles

Service Ceiling: 18,100 feet

Rate of Climb: 924 fpm

Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 is a relatively small plane, similar to the 150 model that can only carry one passenger on top of the 1-capacity crew member (pilot). While you may get lucky with “project Cessna 152” sales at around $25,000, most used Cessna 152 models for sale will run you between $45,000-$75,000. These planes are mainly used for flight training, though some people use them for personal use. 

As the Cessna 152 is a smaller aircraft, refurbishment is generally not as expensive as some of the larger models. For the carpets, expect to spend about $900, seat upholstery starts at $1,500, and headliner will cost around $200.

Cessna 152 Performance: 

Seat Capacity: 2 (1 crewmember included)

Max Speed: 126 mph 

Cruise Speed: 123 mph 

Stall Speed: 48 mph 

Range: 477 miles

Service Ceiling: 14,700 feet

Rate of Climb: 715 fpm

Cessna 310

The Cessna 310 was Cessna’s first new plane after World War II. As it is a larger and faster model, the Cessna 310 can carry up to 4 passengers and 1 crew member. While the plane is used commercially by private owners, it’s also known to be used by various militaries worldwide. Most used Cessna 310 models range between $115,000 to $165,000, with a few newer models in the $300,000 range. 

For a complete interior redesign, including seat upholstery, new carpets, and side panels, headliner, wind lacing, window frame repair and painting, and interior plastics, expect to pay around $18,500.

Cessna 310 Performance: 

Seat Capacity: 5 (including 1 crew member)

Max Speed: 220 mph 

Cruise Speed: 205 mph 

Range: 1,000 miles

Service Ceiling: 20,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 1,700 fpm

Cessna 337

The Cessna 337, also known as the Cessna Skymaster, was the plane of choice for Cuban rescue groups in the 1990s. The California fire department also used them from the 1970s-late 90s. Various military groups around the world continue to use this model. It can seat up to 6, including the pilot. Used models for the Cessna 337 start at $70,000 and range up to $200,000.

A new carpet kit for the Cessna 337 starts at $500 for the basic nylon option and jumps to $1,300 for the wool option. Sidewall trim panels can be found from $300. Sheepskin seats can be purchased for $300 for one seat. 

Cessna 337 Performance:

Max Speed: 199 mph 

Cruise Speed: 144 mph 

Stall Speed: 69 mph 

Range: 965 miles

Service Ceiling: 19,500 feet

Rate of Climb: 1,200 fpm

Cessna 414

The Cessna 414, also known as the Chancellor, is no longer in production but is actively sought-after in the used aircraft market. With a roomy interior and a pressurized cabin, this plane is perfect for business or families as it seats up to seven passengers plus one pilot. Used models for the Cessna 414 start at $129,900 and range up to $600,000.

Because configurations vary so much in the Cessna 414, many vendors don’t provide prices on their websites but ask that customers contact them for a quote. In one complete interior restoration, the owner spent around $120,000 for a complete panel renovation alone, but that includes complex electronics and glass features.

Cessna 414 Performance: 

Max Speed: 270 mph 

Cruise Speed: 234 mph 

Stall Speed: 81 mph 

Range: 1,528 miles

Service Ceiling: 30,800 feet

Rate of Climb: 1580 FPM


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