There may seem to be a lot to consider when customizing your aircraft. One aspect that you shouldn’t overlook are your aircraft cabinets. You can instantly elevate the look and feel of your jet with custom aircraft cabinets. 

Creating a unique space with your jet can go beyond custom seating and carpeting. Custom aircraft cabinets are an important component to a showstopping jet. Beautiful cabinetry has the wow factor that will have everyone talking about your jet. 

Southern Air Custom Interiors can make the process of customizing your aircraft seamless. With over 30 years of experience, Southern Air Custom Interiors has the expertise and knowledge to create the aircraft of your dreams. 


 How are aircraft cabinets made? 


A lot is taken into consideration when making aircraft cabinets, from style to safety features that are important to the aircraft. 

Everyday function is recognized when customizing your cabinets for your aircraft. The avionics need to be able to be easily accessible, because if there was an issue you don’t want to have to take apart half of your aircraft in order to fix it. Ensuring that your cabinets look stylish is a key factor in customizing, but making sure that the cabinets are user friendly and serviceable are just as crucial.


What are aircraft cabinets made from? 

A common material used when making aircraft cabinets is veneer, particularly flexible veneer, which is applied after fully constructing the cabinets. Flexible veneer offers the luxurious look of hardwood but is very lightweight while still being durable. 

There are three different types of flexible veneer:

  1. Paper Back Polybak™: A common choice because of how easy it is to use. It’s flexible but durable as it’s not easy to crack. 
  2. Wood back: This sturdy veneer can withstand temperature changes making it a great choice for those who travel to varying climates.
  3. Phenolic: Another unbelievably flexible material, this flexible veneer has so many assorted colors and designs to help your vision come to life. Because of its extreme flexibility, it is often used on curved surfaces like archways or posts.  

Usually composite panels are used to construct the cabinet with a honeycomb in between. Once constructed with pins inserted, the pins are injected with a structural epoxy which then fills the honeycomb of the panels which creates a sturdy cabinet. 


Southern Air Custom Interiors will go through the design process with you to pair your vision and style with the highest functionality. 

Aircraft cabinet design requirements 

When designing your aircraft cabinets there are two major requirements in mind: safety and weight. 

Weight is a crucial factor in making aircraft cabinets. Planes have weight limits so certain weight requirements are looked at when designing your plane. You’ll most likely want to choose lighter cabinet materials so that you have more room for heavier aspects like fuel capacity. 

Fire safety is another essential component when making cabinets. The FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) has strict protocols in place for the safety measures in aircrafts. The flammability of materials used are heavily tested and regulated by the FAA. If burned, cabinets should have low flame emissions and fire-resistant just like aircraft seating


Common aircraft cabinet problems & solutions 

Weight limitations 

Your aircraft’s weight limits are an important aspect to examine when customizing your cabinets. Make sure you understand the weight limit of your plane, Southern Air Custom Interiors will go over this with you to ensure that cabinets fall within a reasonable weight. 

Lightweight, high quality materials can be used when crafting your cabinets. This ensures that you do not exceed your weight limit and that the cabinets can withstand the everyday wear and tear that occurs. 


Wear over time

Much like the cabinets in your home, your jet’s cabinets may experience that same wear in areas that get more traffic. Having a soft close or self closing feature to your cabinets can help reduce that wear. You are able to minimize the wear of your cabinets with soft closing/self features as your cabinets won’t be slamming against the panels of your jet. 

Of course, wear will naturally occur over time. At Southern Air Custom Interiors, we work on all interior aspects of an aircraft to make sure they’re updated for both the best safety and appearance purposes. 



Turbulence can be taken into consideration as well when customizing your cabinets. Take the galley for instance, your galley’s cabinets hold an array of items that are essentials for your flight. 

With turbulence these items can move around inside the cabinets. In order to secure items, you can line the cabinets with materials like felt, to help reduce movement caused by turbulence. 



Benefits to customizing your aircraft cabinets 

Your private jet doesn’t just offer transportation from one point to another, it can be your sanctuary in the sky. Customizing your cabinets doesn’t just have cosmetic benefits as it can allow you to make customizations that fit your needs. 

Cabinet customization allows you to both bring your style to your aircraft–and add value to your plane.

Features like LED strip lighting for better reading during flights could be an important element to you when going over the idea of custom cabinetry for your plane. Integrating technology with your aircraft cabinets may have benefits you never even realized. 

Certain inflight entertainment options might be an aspect that’s essential in your flight experience. You have the capability of customizing your cabinets to fit that necessity with TV screens added into your cabinetry or even upgrading your WiFi and connectivity issues. 

These are all facets that the trained technicians at Southern Air Custom Interiors will review to make sure your custom cabinet is the best fit.  


Where to get the best custom cabinets for your aircraft

Southern Air Custom Interiors 

Headquarters in Haleyville, Alabama, United States

Southern Air Custom Interiors is an expert on customizing your aircraft interior to fit your needs, from cabinets to flooring to walling and much more.  

Other services offered by Southern Air Custom Interiors include:

Southern Air Custom Interiors excels in designing and creating beautifully crafted custom interiors. The process of customizing your cabinets is made simple with the experts at Southern Air Custom Interiors. Choosing Southern Air Custom Interiors means your aircraft is in good hands with high quality craftsmanship and luxurious style.

Pricing: We offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market for aircraft interiors. Contact Southern Air Custom Interiors for a quote today. 

Aircraft Maintenance Specialist 


Headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

AMS provides routine maintenance, repairs and customization through licensed mechanics who have expertise in small aircraft. 

Pricing: Contact Aircraft Maintenance Specialist (AMS) for a quote today. 


Reliable Jet Maintenance 

reliable jet logo

Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Reliable Jet Maintenance has two Florida locations and provides customization to a number of different aircraft models. They are an authorized parts dealer for many leading companies. 

Reliable Jet Maintenance has positioned itself to be the leading Latin American MRO company, with certifications throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Pricing: Contact Reliable Jet Maintenance for a quote today.


Conclusion: Get Your Custom Aircraft Cabinets Today! 

Customizing your cabinets in your private jet or plane doesn’t have to be a hassle. Experts at Southern Air Custom Interiors can bring your vision to fruition by making your dreams a reality.

If you find yourself stuck on what to do, the talented technicians at Southern Air Custom Interiors can walk you through your options and help you design the jet you’ve always wanted.

The talented team at Southern Air Custom Interiors will make sure that your aircraft’s cabinets are designed with you in mind with competitive pricing that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Contact Southern Air Custom Interiors today for a quote on custom cabinetry.

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