Are you interested in learning more about custom private jets? I’ll be taking you through the in’s and out’s of owning a custom private jet and sharing some of the benefits of owning one. Like the name suggests, a custom private jet is built and designed to fit your needs. Customizing your own private jet comes with the perks of designing things to fit your style. This means having the interior reflect your style, like customizing the color of your seats or even customizing the size of the bathroom! 

Now obviously, the first thought that comes to mind when exploring the idea of a custom private jet is cost. You might think, “No way! This has to be expensive!”, and believe it or not, owning a custom private jet doesn’t have to break the bank. There are companies, like Southern Air Custom Interiors, that offer custom private jets at a fraction of the cost of a traditional private jet! You just need to take some time and research to find options that fit your lifestyle and budget. 

Benefits to Traveling on Custom Private Jets 

Most people think that flying a commercial airline is the only way to travel or that it may be the best way. This could be true for some people, but there are so many benefits and upsides to owning a private jet that are appealing to others. So what benefits does owning a private jet have?

  • You have the ability to travel to any destination you want, as much as you want and when you want! 
  • You can travel as much as you want with your friends and family.
  • You don’t have to deal with long lines and crowded terminals. 

If traveling in style is something that you’re interested in then you may want to consider chartering a private jet. Additional benefits include:

  • You have the ability to set your own schedule. This means you aren’t at the mercy of fly times with a commercial jet. Dealing with flight times and layovers can be such a drag.
  • You can travel in total privacy. You don’t have to worry about your neighbor looking over your shoulder to see what you’re doing or having to time bathroom breaks because you don’t want to disturb the stranger next to you.

The process of chartering a private jet starts with you determining your destination, as well as your desired timeframe. Once figuring that out, you can contact a charter broker who will work with you to find an available aircraft that suits your needs. 

Do Private Jets Go Through Customs? 

One of the hassles of traveling can be the process of going through customs. The lines at customs can be daunting and generally it’s a process that many people don’t enjoy. Here’s where flying in a private jet has its perk. Depending on where you are landing, the experience can vary. However, in many larger airports there is a dedicated private jet terminal which has their own dedicated customs team. In most cases, customs will come to you and do their check directly with you. 

Remember, when you are traveling outside of your country a valid passport is always required. Customs will need to check for valid passports before granting entry. Again, this process will depend on the airport you land in but generally the process can be less stressful because in many cases you can avoid the long lines by having customs come directly to you. 

Types of Private Jets

Cessna Aircrafts

What it’s known for: Cessna Aircrafts have a loyal following and are cherished worldwide because of their affordability and quality. They also happen to be quite easy to customize Cessna Interiors as well, which makes them a great choice if you’re looking to own something that reflects your style and functions in a way that works for you. Models like the Cessna 150 fall on the more affordable end of the spectrum. While a model like Cessna 310 provides for a bit more room and more speed. 

Typical pricing:


How to buy a Cessna Aircraft:

Number of seats:

Gulfstream Aerospace

Started in the 1950s, Gulfstream Aerospace has an impressive history. Models like the Gulfstream G700 offer luxurious space and style that is sure to wow even the pickiest individual. 

  1.  Boeing Aerospace: Boeing Aerospace provides 
  1.  Bombardier Business Aircrafts: 
  1.  Beechcraft Aircrafts:  

How Much Do Custom Private Jets Cost?

Obviously, price is a big factor when entertaining the idea of owning a private jet. Costs will depend on the model of the jet and other factors.  One thing you should consider is becoming a member of a Jet and Aircraft Owner Association. There are several different jet and aircraft associations to choose from, which do require a membership fee, but the benefits they offer are well worth the fee. Associations provide members with continuing education, various discounts and a great way to network with others in aviation. Another great perk to joining an association is that many of them hold special events throughout the year. This is a wonderful chance to learn more about the industry, check out new technology and connect with other owners and pilots. 

There are also jet membership programs and private jet cards that provide additional savings and benefits to their holders. Different from associations, jet membership programs and private jet cards can be very beneficial for individuals who fly frequently. These different programs and cards offer various perks like discounted rates for booking, unlimited flight requests, waived cancellation fees and other assorted benefits. You can check out the various programs and cards to see which ones offer you the best benefits. 

Another thing to be aware of is maintenance costs. Luckily, there are several companies out there, like Southern Air Custom Interiors, that can help take care of your jet’s maintenance. 

Ways to Customize Your Private Jet 

Now here comes the fun part! Customizing your private jet so that it’s carefully tailored to fit your wants and needs is definitely an exciting endeavor. If you’re stuck on what kind of customizations you’d want, you can take a minute to think about what you like and dislike when traveling commercially. You can also draw inspiration from others. Seeing the customizations others have made can help you determine what style choices are more appealing and what aspect

For some, the overall aesthetic and feel is important. The term “traveling in style” takes on a whole different definition here. Customizing seat colors and fabrics can really bring in a different mood. 

If you find yourself stuck in the process of customizing your private jet, you can check out some amazing interiors here 

Conclusion: Start Your Own Custom Private Jet Experience Today

Private jets take the experience of flying up a notch. In today’s world, making things easier and more seamless are important to many of us. Traveling is one area that we can make easier by making it more catered to our individual preferences and style. Traveling via a private jet allows for luxurious travel with a peace of mind. You can take 

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