Are you interested in learning more about custom private jets? Like the name suggests, a custom private jet is built and designed to fit your needs. Customizing your own private jet comes with the perks of designing every aspect of your jet  to fit your style and needs–whether that’s changing the color of your seats or putting in a larger bathroom. 

And believe it or not, custom private jet travel doesn’t have to break the bank. There are companies like Southern Air Custom Interiors that customize  private jets and aircrafts at an affordable price for owners. Working with an aircraft customization company that fits your lifestyle and budget is key to getting the perfect custom private jet for you.

Building Your Custom Private Jet 


Most people think that flying a commercial airline is the only way to travel or that it may be the best way. This could be true for some people, but there are also many benefits to owning a private jet that are appealing to others. 

So what are some upsides to owning or chartering a custom private jet? 

  • Flying privately helps improve productivity. You aren’t subjected to the same distractions you may face when flying commercially. This allows for more productive time to work on things you may need to accomplish.
  • Private travel offers top notch security and privacy. This allows you to travel with a peace of mind knowing that any documents or sensitive information you may carry with you are safe and secure from wandering eyes.
  • You have the ability to set your own schedule, meaning you aren’t at the mercy of fly times with a commercial jet. Dealing with flight times and layovers can be frustrating. 
  • Private jets offer luxurious amenities that you won’t get flying commercially even in a first class suite. From spacious showers to plush king sized beds, you can travel in comfort at all times. 

You can also get the benefits of traveling privately without owning a private jet, through private jet chartering. Chartering a private jet allows you to travel private without having to purchase your own private jet and figure out the logistics that comes with it. You might even be able to split the costs by traveling semi-private in a private jet with other flyers going to the same place. 

The process of chartering a private jet starts with you determining your destination, as well as your desired timeframe. Once figuring that out, you can contact a charter broker who will work with you to find an available aircraft that suits your needs. 

Do Private Jets Go Through Customs? 

One of the hassles of traveling internationally can be the process of going through customs. While yes, private jets still go through customs, there are some perks. 

In many larger airports there is a dedicated private jet terminal which has their own customs team. In most cases, customs will come to you and do their check directly with you. 

Types of Private Jets

While there are several types of private jets you may want to customize, these companies have offered customized private jets for decades. 

Cessna Aircrafts: 


Cessna Aircrafts have a loyal following and are cherished worldwide because of their affordability and quality. It’s also very common to customize Cessna Interiors, making these private jets a great choice if you’re looking to own something that reflects your style and functions in a way that works for you. 

Models like the Cessna 150 fall on the more affordable end of the spectrum. While a model like Cessna 310 provides for a bit more room and more speed. 

Cost to lease: Varies depending on model

Cost to own: $70,000-$100,000 (used) ; $369,000-$438,000 (new)

Gulfstream Aerospace: 



Founded in the 1950s, Gulfstream Aerospace has an impressive history known for its military aircraft production. Models like the Gulfstream G700 offer luxurious space and style that is sure to wow even the pickiest individual. The Gulfstream G700 embodies high class with high thrust Rolls-Royce engines and a notable roomy and stylish cabin that can hold up to 5 people. 

Need something a bit smaller? The Gulfstream G500 provides outstanding performance and quality. Its tall and wide cabin offers wonderful possibilities for customization that can really take your experience to the next level. 

Cost to lease: Varies depending on model, generally starts at $8,000 per flight hour

Cost to own: Varies with model; a Gulfstream G550 can start at $16 million (used) or $62 million (new)

Boeing Aerospace: 


Boeing is a name that many of us are familiar with. Boeing Business Jets take extravagance and comfort to a whole new level. The immense cabin spaces of some Boeing Business Jets take the normal flying experience and transfer it into an opulent event in the sky. Models like The Max 7 BBJ are fuel efficient, with reduced fuel burn. 

Cost to lease: Varies depending on model; models like The Max 7 BBJ start at $3,00 per flight hour

Cost to own: Varies with model; Models like the Boeing BBJ2 can cost around $22 mil used. 

Bombardier Business Aircrafts: 


For over 50 years, Bombardier has innovated aviation with its thoughtful designs and technology. There’s no shortage of comfort when it comes to Bombardier. Models like the Bombardier Global Express offer high quality features like Rolls-Royce engines and an impressive seating capacity of 12. 

The Bombardier Challenger 600 Series has all the bells and whistles you’d want in a larger capacity private jet. Alongside its outstanding specs, the cabin area can seat up to 18 passengers but can be customized to seat less. 

Cost to lease: Varies depending on model; generally starts at $8,000 per hour

Cost to own: Varies with model; can start at $11 million used; Between $60-$70 million brand new

Beechcraft Aircrafts:  


Founded in 1932 by Walter Beech, Beechcraft Aircraft offers a wide range of notable private jets. Models like the Beechcraft Denali or Beechcraft King Airs offer superior specs like lower operating costs, well-designed cabin spaces, and advanced performance technology. 

The spacious cabin area of the Beechcraft Denali will have you flying like a king. 

Cost to lease: Varies depending on model; generally around $2,500 per hour 

Cost to own: Varies with model; can start at $590,000 (used) while brand new models like the Beechcraft Denali start at $4 million. 

How Much Do Custom Private Jets Cost to Build?

The price of a custom private jet is a big factor when entertaining the idea of owning one. Costs will depend on factors like the model of the jet, its size and speed, its condition, and much more. 

A private jet costs anywhere between $2 million to $100 million–or even higher. For example, the new Gulfstream G800 will cost you upwards of $71 million, while a used Embraer legacy could be more affordable, at around $15 million. And that’s just the purchase price. 

Operating costs entail maintaining and operating the plane with flight crews, maintenance, repairs, and more. Usually, you can expect to pay between $500,000 and $1 million per year in operating costs. 

Private jet costs include:

Operating the Jet 

Once you buy the private jet, you’re hopefully going to be using it. Those operational costs will add to the overall costs of owning a private jet. Here are just a few of the elements to consider: 

 Fuel: One of the most significant private jet expenses costs around $3-6 per gallon, but those gallons go quickly. For example, the Gulfstream G700 uses 380 gallons of fuel each hour.

  • Insurance: Many factors influence the cost of private jet insurance, such as your flight hours, aircraft condition and age, and size. Depending on the above-listed factors, you’re looking at anywhere between $30,000 to $500,000 per year. 
  • Hangar fees: Private jet owners must rent or purchase space in an airport hangar to store the plane. Costs vary widely for hangar spaces, ranging anywhere from $500 – $3,000 per month, so check out your options before making a commitment. 
  • Crew: And don’t forget the crew operating the jet: the average private jet pilot makes about $86,000 per year, and that’s not including any other staff members. 
  • Amenities: Are you planning on serving food on board? Alcohol? Just water? What are you serving all this in? Though these prices might seem small, it’s always important to budget for everything. 


In addition to standard operations, customizing your private jet will add to the overall base purchasing costs. 

We’ll discuss more below, but know that customizing your jet includes both interior and exterior customization, encompassing the seats, interior layout and design, exterior paint, and overall aesthetic throughout the plane. Plus, any entertainment or additional services you want to provide for yourself or passengers. 

Here at Southern Air Customs, we specialize in airplane interiors and offer competitive pricing — contact us today to request a quote.



Another thing to be aware of is maintenance costs.Just like a car, aircraft require routine maintenance to identify and fix issues. Without regular maintenance, unidentified mechanical problems could become disastrous. 

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) defines maintenance as, “actions required for restoring or maintaining an aircraft, aircraft engine or aircraft component in an airworthy and serviceable condition.” They add that this includes “repair, modification, overhaul, inspection, replacement, defect rectification and determination of condition.” 

Aircraft maintenance includes base maintenance, line maintenance, depot maintenance, inspections (like an annual inspection and 100-hour inspection), intervals, and various other specific cases. 

For a full overview of aircraft maintenance costs, head to our guide here

Given these intricacies, the guidelines and processes related to maintenance are complex, requiring a trained professional, as outlined in the aviation maintenance technician handbook. 

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates the profession, and only those who complete the necessary training receive the Airworthiness Certification. The organization currently houses over 1,300 safety professionals. 

Luckily, there are several aircraft maintenance companies out there, like Southern Air Custom Interiors, that can help take care of your jet’s maintenance at an affordable price. 

Best alternatives to owning a custom private jet 

Do these costs seem like a lot? An alternative to consider  is jet membership programs and private jet cards. These options provide almost all the benefits of flying private, while also providing additional savings and benefits to their holders. Different from associations, jet membership programs and private jet cards can be very beneficial for individuals who fly frequently. 

Depending on the type of program or card you choose, there are various perks of jet membership programs and private jet cards include:

  • Discounted booking rate
  • Wholesale charter pricing 
  • Free UberBlack transfers
  • Easily track and manage flights
  • Ability to earn flight credits that can used towards membership costs or retail products 

Ensuring your plane functions properly after each flight is essential but expensive. Experts estimate operating costs, including maintenance and repairs, to be at least $500,000 per year. 

Here at Southern Air Customs, we offer annual maintenance at an affordable price — contact us today to request a quote.

How to Build Your Custom Private Jet 


Customizing your private jet so that it’s carefully tailored to fit your wants and needs is an exciting and important endeavor. If you’re considering purchasing a private jet, you’re most likely going to be spending a lot of time in it, which means you want to take customization seriously. 

Plus, customizing the upholstery and seating can make the experience of flying on a private jet more luxurious. If you’re not into customization, but want to refresh your space, you should consider aircraft interior refurbishment

Aspects of customizing a private jet include: 

  • Seating and upholstery: Your comfort level while flying is important. Traveling commercial offers a limited amount of comfort but when you fly on a private jet, those levels of comfort are elevated. From plush, oversized seating to full, king sized beds private jets offer a level of comfort that is unmatched. Aircraft seat changes can range from simple part replacements to an overhaul or a total refurbishment. New seats involve skilled seamstresses and seat repair technicians applying the new aircraft seat parts such as new seat covers, reupholstery, cushion foam, and plastic trim. After the upgrade is made, seats can be upholstered to the different choices of leather, vinyl, fabric, sheepskin materials, and even custom embroidery. At Southern Air Custom Interiors, we work until every part of your jet’s seats are perfect. Contact us today for professional perfectionists, ensuring quality leather, stitching, and embroidery in your fully customizable seat. 
  • Communications & Avionics: You can customize almost anything in a private jet, including communication and navigation systems, as well as vionics (radios, sensors, entertainment, Auto-Flight System, Electronic Instrument System, and the Flight management system). 
  • Technology: Many private jet owners use their jets as personal business centers, so including the technology and features needed for business meetings–from WiFi to printers to charging stations–will be important.
  • Exterior customization: Exterior jet customization is a big one, with many private jet owners painting their jets according to style and preference. Just note that this customization–like many–can impact the resale value of your jet. 
  • Flooring & walls: The ability to match your flooring to other aspects of your private jet is appealing because it offers stylish designs that match your aesthetic. Whether you’re reconfiguring the entire floor plan, or just want to add in some dividers, there are lots of customization opportunities here. Contact Southern Air Custom Interiors for all of the ways you can customize your jet flooring and walls. 
  • Galleys: For so many of us, in-flight dining is a treat to be enjoyed. Customizing a full-functionally galley could be something to consider. Whether that’s including an espresso machine, wine cooler, or smoothie maker, you can get as creative as you’d like. 
  • In-flight entertainment and amenities: If you’re traveling a longer distance with bigger groups, having different kinds of in-flight entertainment might be important. Or if you’re conducting business in the skies, you might want to make sure to have a work area, office supplies, and more. 

Feel like you’re stuck on some jet customization decisions? Draw inspiration from others by checking out these impressive aircraft interiors. Seeing the customizations others have made can help you determine what style choices are more appealing and what aspects are important for you to incorporate into your customization.

Conclusion: Start Your Own Custom Private Jet Experience Today 

In today’s world, creating experiences that are seamless and fit our lifestyle is incredibly important. Traveling via a private jet allows for luxurious travel without the stresses usually associated with airport and plane experiences. 

If you need support in your private jet experience, Southern Air Custom Interiors offers everything you need when it comes to maintenance and customization. With a range of comprehensive services, we pride ourselves on our excellent work combining attention to detail, effort, technical knowledge, competence, and strict adherence to the highest standards. 

Reach out today to see how we can provide the quality workmanship and innovative design for interior renovation that will exceed your expectations for aircraft customization.

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