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Many citizens look to fly privately, turn to different jet companies equipped with innovative fleets. This article takes a look at the two top contenders, Flexjet vs. NetJets.

Short and long-range flights require different jets, so individuals should look for companies that provide flexibility for their flying needs. 

Private jet companies offer various features and extraordinary interior comfort. 

If you are looking for a jet company and debating Flexjet vs. NetJets, this article provides a thorough review of both to help you decide. 

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Flexjets Review

Flexjet vs. NetJets - Flexjet logo.


Founded in 1995, Flexjet operates as a fractional ownership aircraft service, including leasing and jet card programs. Passengers find ease and comfort aboard Flexjet’s fleet of over 100 jets. 

Operating globally, Flexjet offers fractional ownership, leasing, and jet cards, with fleets in Europe and North America. 

Flexjet serves over 2,100 clients as of 2020 with short-range and long-range jets. Passengers fly in comfort with exceptional interiors and innovative features. 

Comparing Flexjet vs. NetJets, let’s start with Flexjet.

Who uses Flexjet?

Flexjet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for private jet service, offering many programs. 

These programs fit the needs of those who travel less than 50 hours a year and wish to sign up for a minimal commitment. 

With a large fleet of jets, individuals have multiple options for flying nationally and internationally. 

Flexjet is also ideal for families who wish to travel with ease and comfort. 

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Flexjet Features

  • Jet Card
    • After an initial deposit, individuals with a jet card have access to aircraft flexibility, superior service with inclusive pricing—an excellent feature for those looking for minimal commitment but still needing private jet services. 

Flexjet Aircrafts

  • Light and Super-Light Cabin
    • Flights up to 4 hours 
    • Seven passenger maximum 
    • Two-toned leather seats, full refreshment center 
  • Midsize and Super-Midsize Cabin
    • Flights up to 8 hours 
    • Nine passenger maximum 
    • Flexjet offers the Legacy 450, Praetor 500, and Challenger 350 jets in the midsize category
  • Large Cabin
    • Flights up to 10 hours
    • 16 passenger maximum 
    • Cabin attendant, wifi, and multiple power outlets
  • Ultra-Long Range
    • Flights up to 17 hours
    • 15 passenger maximum 
    • Private entertainment area, custom ottoman, four-zone cabin 

Flexjet Pros

  • Available at almost all major airports 
  • Booking available via the website and mobile app
  • No upfront financial commitment 

Flexjet Cons

  • Blackout dates
  • Limited flexibility 
  • No guarantees on aircraft type or class 

Flexjet Memberships & Pricing

Flexjet does not offer any direct pricing on its websites. Interested individuals can find the various programs offered and are encouraged to call for a quote to fit their private jet needs.

Flexjet vs. NetJets - Flexjet pricing.


NetJets Review

Flexjet vs. NetJets - NetJets logo


Founded in 1964, NetJets was originally called Executive Jet Airways and was the world’s first private business jet charter company. NetJets changed the game when they began offering individuals fractional ownership shares of their aircraft. 

NetJets become widely known and used by Americans who travel under 50 hours a year. NetJets has a fleet of jets that suit every flight need and offers welcoming features that save passengers money and provide ultimate comfort onboard. 

Who uses NetJets?

NetJets is for individuals looking to own a share of a private jet. These individuals usually fly less than 50 hours a year and would like an array of jet options at their disposal. 

Families as well as companies frequently traveling globally use NetJets. With affordable options and beneficial card programs, NetJets is a comfortable, reliable option for everyone. 

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NetJets Features

NetJets Cards

  • NetJets offers cards for individuals searching for minimal, short-term commitments and flies fewer than 50 hours per year. These cards allow individuals to access the NetJets fleet at any time. 

NetJets Corporate Angel Card

  • The corporate angel card is perfect for individuals who support patients who frequently fly for cancer treatment. Every 25-hours flown using the card, NetJets contributes one hour to traveling cancer patients. 

NetJets Aircrafts

NetJets has a fleet of aircraft for short-range and long-range flights. 

  • Light Jets
    • Flights up to 4 hours
    • Six passenger maximum 
    • Drink, snack bar, inflight dining service 
  • Midsize Jets
    • Flights up to 7 hours
    • Eight passenger maximum 
    • Wifi and power outlets available 
  • Super Midsize Jets
    • Flights up to 7 hours
    • Nine passenger maximum 
    • Inflight entertainment, cabin temperature control, wifi 
  • Large Jets
    • Flights up to 9 hours
    • 11 passengers maximum 
    • Inflight entertainment, fine dining options
  • Long Range Jets
    • Flights up to 16 hours
    • 14 passenger maximum 
    • Flight attendants, entertainment system, full bar 

NetJets Pros

  • Multiple different sized jets are available 
  • Affordable card program 
  • Premier on flight services

NetJets Cons

  • Can be more expensive than competitors 
  • Limited amount of each jet available 

NetJets Membership & Pricing

NetJet requires individuals to contact them for accurate pricing as it varies depending on the services you need, but includes these components:

  • Acquisition cost/monthly lease payment
  • Monthly management fee
  • Occupied hourly fee (OHF)
  • Fuel variable rate
Flexjet vs. NetJets - NetJets pricing



Comparing Flexjet vs. NetJets is helpful to some, but what if you decide to go a different route?

Some individuals decide to purchase their own private jet instead. In those cases, Southern Air Custom Interiors is the best company trusted to redesign jet interiors with years of experience and optimal leather. 

When you are ready to enhance the interior of your new jet, contact Southern Air Custom Interiors.


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