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Aircraft Interior Installation

In the last segment we left off at the arrival of the headliner- and we were overly impressed with how the Tapis material looked at the end! The install was a breeze compared to other, more fragile plastic pieces we have dealt with throughout this project. We began covering, installing, and adding the new LED lights from Pilots Lights throughout the plane at this point. With the new speakers mentioned in the previous blog, this gave everything a more up-to-date look without changing the classic style of the plane.

We finished cutting and installed the carpeting from Hafner next- making sure it lined up evenly with every curve of the interior. Our guys in the shop meticulously used the current carpet as patterns to let us know exactly how our new installation needed to lay. We only adhere to the carpet in certain places, given that inspections can damage carpet that is totally cemented down when ripped apart. After this segment was done, we moved on to the doors.

In the last blog, we watched the doors go from a yellow, tarnished color back to pearly white. Next, we added details such as carpeting, panels, and the new door pull back into place. With the sidewalls, headliner, carpet, and newly detailed doors settled into place- the overall change in appearance became apparent. It almost feels entirely like a new plane!

We are finishing the foam and adding the final details to the seats currently and are on our final stretch to getting the Baron back home safe, and stylish! Keep an eye out for the next segment where we show you the final product and ask our staff what were the most enjoyed, and difficult, parts of this project!

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