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King Air 200 Redesign

king air 200 redesign
King Air 200 Redesign

We had a great time doing a total overhaul of this King Air 200. When Greg of Chicksaw Transport told us that he wanted a complete interior redesign- we knew we were perfect for the job!  

We started by taking everything out, from the head and armrest and cabinets, down to deep cleaning the seats and sidewalks. We stripped the carpet out and began breaking down the laminate. We removed the belts and webbing, cable covers, and cupholders. 

We began working on the cabinets and other furniture. We placed an order to Custom Cupholders and patiently waited for them. Greg decided on Zebrawood from Lamin-Art for the laminin; a made to order product. Before we could add the furniture and freshly cleaned seats, we still had a long way to go! 

We removed the headrests and arms, then stripped the leather. We covered them in Aeronautica Bronze by Green Hides- a favorite company for us at the warehouse. We also replaced the belts and webbing in the color Tan by Aircraft Interior Products. We buffed the buckles and got everything shining like new. After reassembling and deep cleaning, the difference is unreal. 

Carpet came next- which needed a total replacement. After removing seats and furniture, the next move was getting new carpet in. We used the color Venice Praline by Hefner Textiles. With restored sidewalls, this new carpet was just what this King Air needed to finish the job! 

We added the newly laminated furniture and cabinets, put the fleshly cleaned seats back in their place, and added a cargo net for convenience! This was a beautiful plane to work on, and after checking in with Greg recently- he’s very satisfied with it!  

Giving your plane just a little extra TCL can make you feel like you have a brand-new vessel! If anything you read in our blogs catches your interest, feel free to contact us! We would love to speak with you.

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