A King Air 260 turboprop soars through the air.
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A King Air aircraft is known as one of the sky’s most iconic aircraft.

With a powerful fleet, King Air combines optimum performance with designer comfort, contributing to a smooth trip. 

Whether you are interested in purchasing a King Air aircraft or learning more regarding the various models, this article will dive into the King Air fleet and discuss the necessary information to consider before purchasing. 

What Kind of Plane is King Air?

King Air is a line of utility aircraft produced by Beechcraft, a brand of Textron Aviation since 2014, and before that was a brand of Beech Aircraft Corporation. 

The King Air was produced from 1964 to 2021 and was the first aircraft in its class, outselling all of its turboprop competitors combined. 

The iconic King Air turboprops have been flying for more than 50 years, adding to the innovation and efficiency of the modern-day aviation world. 

Dependable and efficient, these aircraft have always been preferred by the military and government while also being favored by corporate and private users. 

What is the Cost of Buying and Operating a King Air Aircraft?

A misconception when purchasing a King Air Aircraft is that the upfront cost of buying the aircraft will not solely be the only expense. 

The cost of buying and operating a King Air Aircraft will also include the pilot cost, storing the plane, gas, insurance, etc. The cost range of these factors are detailed below:

  • Pilot cost – Roughly $200,000/yr for skilled private crew
  • Storage – Roughly $300/mo for a private hanger
  • Gas – Ranges from $500-$2,000/hr 
  • Insurance – Ranges from $5,000-$10,000/yr
King Air interior floorplan

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In addition, many individuals who purchase King Air Aircrafts look to upgrade the interior for maximum comfort and design it for their wants and needs. 

It’s essential when considering interior upgrades to find a trusted company that will perform all upgrades efficiently with professionalism. 

Individuals in the United States who purchase a King Air Aircraft immediately will contact Southern Air Interior for all interior upgrades they seek offered at an affordable cost. 

What Are Some Models of King Air Aircrafts?

The airplane model dictates the distance it can travel, a transcontinental plane, or how far it can go. 

Can it get across the US? The larger the airplane, the further the range and the more seats in the cabin. 

Let’s dive into exploring the fleet of King Air Aircrafts. 

King AIR 260

  • What does King Air 260 cost? 

Individuals can purchase this aircraft for $6.7 million.

  • Standard features and amenities

This aircraft has club seating with stunning leather reclining seats that can track and swivel. The interior is a square-oval shape that allows for passengers to have ultimate comfort and space. Individuals can choose from different interior packages. 

King Air cockpit

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  • Specifications (Performance)

The technology in this aircraft reaches above and beyond when it comes to ease and efficiency. Pilots will have a multi-scan weather radar, digital pressurization, and ThrustSense Autothrottle system all at their fingertips. The maximum cruise speed is 310 ktas with a maximum climb rate of 2,437 kias. 

King Air elevation

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  • Seats:

The King AIR 260 fits up to 9 passengers comfortably. 

  • Range:

The range of this aircraft is 1,720 nm. 

King AIR 350i

  • What does King Air 350i cost? 

Individuals can purchase this aircraft for $8 million. 

  • Standard features and amenities

The spacious cabin of the King AIR 350i has double-club leather seats for optimal relaxation or productivity. Passengers have available WIFI capabilities to stay connected while experiencing acoustic technologies for a muted ride. 

King Air taking off

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  • Specifications (Performance)

With the Pro Line Fusion interface, pilots can quickly find and manage flight information easily and conveniently. The flight deck presents three 14-inch touch-screen displays with a dual flight management system. Individuals will cruise at a maximum speed of 312 ktas at a max operating altitude of 35,000 feet. 

A set of luggage, including two sets of golf clubs, sit outside of a plane inside of a hangar.

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  • Seats:

This aircraft holds up to nine passengers.

  • Range:

The King AIR 350i has a max range of 1,806 ktas. 

King AIR 360

  • What does King Air 360 cost? 

Individuals can purchase this aircraft for $7.9 million.

  • Standard features and amenities

Passengers have everything they need for a comfortable ride with a lower cabin altitude and pull-out work tables with standard power outlets, USB charging, and a private aft lavatory.

The interior of a King Air aircraft.

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  • Specifications (Performance)

Reducing the pilot’s workload, the King AIR 360 has digital pressurization and IS&S ThrustSense Autothrottle. With three 14-inch touchscreen displays with graphical flight planning and integrated charts and maps, pilots rest easy knowing they are supported by leading technology. 

Digital model of a King Air aircraft.

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  • Seats:

The maximum number of occupants for this aircraft is 11. 

  • Range:

The King AIR 360 range is 1,806 nm.

King AIR 360ER

  • What does King Air 360ER cost? 

Individuals can purchase this aircraft for $8.8 million.

  • Standard features and amenities

One of the highlights about this aircraft is the flexible, reconfigurable interiors where owners can fit cargo or passengers easily. The large spacious cabin allows for any interior installations that are required. 

Digital side view of a King Air aircraft.

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  • Specifications (Performance)

The features found in the King AIR 360ER include IS&S ThrustSense Autothrottle, Digital Pressurization Indication, and Dual Flight Management System. This aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 303 ktas, with a maximum climb rate of 2,400 fpm. 

Interior view of the aircraft cargo area.

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  • Seats:

The maximum number of occupants for this aircraft is 15 individuals. 

  • Range:

The range of the King AIR 360ER is 2,692 nm. 

King AIR 90

  • What does King Air 90 cost? 

Individuals can purchase this aircraft for roughly $500k.

  • Standard features and amenities

With a square-oval design, the interior of this aircraft provides 227-cubic-feet of comfort. The cabin of the King AIR 90 is equipped with 26 tuned vibration absorbers to maintain quiet and concentration. At the same time, the interior has the sophistication of pull-out work tables for passengers working on the go. 

Side view of an aircraft on the tarmac.

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  • Specifications (Performance)

Pilots appreciate the King AIR 90 for the graphical touchscreen and high-resolution synthetic vision system (SVS) that helps with a smooth flight. Other features of this aircraft include NextGen GPS capabilities and complete multi-sensor flight management systems.

Interior view of the cabin.

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  • Seats:

The King AIR 90 has space for six passengers. 

  • Range:

The maximum range is 1,260 nm for this jet.

Features of King Air Interiors

If a King AIR jet is one you will be flying for several hours, you want to ensure you have the proper features and ideal comfort for your passengers. 

The amenities you should consider are as follows:

  • Entertainment/sound system 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Quality restroom 
  • Cabinets 
  • Sound reducing insulation 
  • USB chargers
  • Cup holders/pull-out tables 

Additionally, you want to ensure that your King AIR jet has high-quality leather and stitching throughout the interior.

At Southern Air Interiors, you can find professionals who have worked on dozens of King aircraft, from including a sound system to ensuring high-quality sound-reducing insulation. 


Ensure that your King Air aircraft is in the best hands when refurbishing the interior and trust Southern Air Interiors.

At Southern Air Interiors, we work until everything is perfect. You will find professional perfectionists, ensuring quality leather, stitching, and embroidery. 

Southern Air will do a base price and then markup based on what individuals wish to upgrade, always ensuring the best prices individuals can find. 

Southern Air Interiors do not work a lot of planes simultaneously; therefore, they make sure that planes are refurbished and redesigned on time, getting the plane back in the air as quickly as possible. 

Ready to create the King Air interior of your dreams, contact Southern Air Interiors to get started right away. 

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