Learjet aircrafts hold an influential place in aviation history. As a jet that has been loved by Hollywood stars for over 50 years, Learjet provides quality aircrafts with state of the art features that make flying convenient and safe. 

Though in February 2021 Bombardier announced that they would halt production of Learjet models, the distinctive reputation of Learjet aircrafts makes it a favorable choice for flying if you’re fortunate enough to currently own a Learjet or buy an older model. Because of its renowned history Learjet offers jet owners comfort, style and a peace of mind when flying to your desired destination. 

Southern Air Custom Interiors can help you maintain that standard of excellence that Learjet has established over the years from customizing the carpet to performing annual inspections. You can rest assured that Southern Air Custom Interiors will provide exceptional care for your Learjet. 

What Kind of Plane is a Learjet?

In 1962, William Powell Lear founded the Swiss American Aviation Corporation in Wichita, Kansas producing private business jets for civilians as well as aircrafts for military use. Learjet has become an iconic figure in aviation history as being one of the first luxury business jets on the market.

Later in the early 1990’s, Learjet became a subsidiary of Bombardier Aerospace taking the prestige of Learjet to a whole new level alongside their famous Challenger and Global models.  

Learjets have an impressive history that has become synonymous with Hollywood because of figures like Frank Sinatra, who was one of the first owners of a Learjet. From 1965 to 1967, Sinatra charted the skies with the infamous Rat Pack and other celebrity friends in his Learjet 23. Sinatra’s love of his Learjet influenced other big names at the time to hop on this new trend of flying exclusively via private jets.  

Celebrities like Marlo Brandon and Dean Martin all owned Learjets. Even singer Carly Simon made reference to the iconic aircraft in her hit single, “You’re so vain”. 

History aside, there are several different models of Learjets all which boost spectacular specifications making it an outstanding choice for flying. Southern Air Custom Interiors can assist in the maintenance as well as the refurbishment of your Learjet to help maintain its integrity. 

How far can a Learjet fly? 

The range of distance of a Learjet will depend on its make and model. For example, the Learjet 35 can fly nonstop for 2,056 miles. The Learjet 75 Liberty can fly nonstop for 2,394 miles. 

How much does a Learjet cost?

The cost of a Learjet varies depending on the model, age, and condition of the aircraft. Because Learjets stopped being newly made in early 2021, pricing may change. 

Currently, pre-owned Learjet models can run between $325,000 to $3,349,000. The average price for a pre-owned Learjet runs around $889,500. 

Hire Southern Air Custom Interiors to Redesign Your Learjet Aircraft Interior 

With such a distinguishable name, Learjet aircrafts have an extraordinary legacy. If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of what some consider as Hollywood luxury, customizing your Learjet would bring your aircraft to a whole new level. 

Southern Air Custom Interiors has over 30 years of expertise and knowledge to help you transform your aircraft into a comfortable and luxurious vessel. From high quality upholstery to stylish and comfortable seating, Southern Air Custom Interiors can help take the stress away from the process of customizing your private plane

Southern Air Custom Interiors can also assist with the maintenance and upkeep of your aircraft, ensuring that your Learjet is performing optimally.

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Types of Learjet Aircrafts

Learjet 75 Liberty 

learjet interiors

The Learjet 75 Liberty was the last Learjet model to be produced by Bombardier in 2020. Function and style were at the forefront when designing the Learjet 75 Liberty. The aircraft boosts a seating area that allows for plenty of legroom ensuring a comfortable flight for its passengers. 

The Learjet 75 Liberty has the largest seating capacity of all Learjet models, making it perfect for those who need the space in their jet. This aircraft was the talk of the town when it first released because of its affordability and quality, running at $9.9 million brand new. 

Learjet 75 Liberty Performance:

Seat Capacity: 9 passengers and 2 crew members

Max Speed: 535 mph 

Cruise Speed: 123 mph 

Range: 2,394 miles

Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 4,000 ft/m

Fuel Consumption: 199 gph

Learjet 60RX 

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Produced between 1993-2007, the Learjet 60RX is a midsize jet that packs power with 2 Pratt & Whitney PW305A engines. After the Learjet 75 Liberty, the 60RX model has the next biggest seating capacity being able to seat 8 passengers comfortably.

When the Learjet 60RX was designed, Bombardier wanted to make improvements based on performances of previous models. The Learjet 60RX has a larger seating area then the previous 55 models, as well as improved entertainment features like added inputs for electronics.

The Learjet 60RX runs between $2.5 million to $3.8 million used and $15 million brand new. 

Learjet 60RX Performance:

Seat Capacity: 7-8 passengers with 2 crew members

Max Speed: 522 mph 

Cruise Speed: 484 mph 

Range: 2,773 miles

Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 4,059 ft/m

Fuel Consumption: 203 gph

Learjet 55 

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The Learjet 55 first hit the market in March of 1981 and was produced until 1993. The Learjet 55 has additional variants with the Learjet 55B, 55C, 55C/ER, and 55C/LR. There are a few differences between the Learjet 55 models. For example, the Learjet 55B has the highest range of the 55 models and the Learjet 55C has increased stability compared to other 55 variants.

The average price of a used Learjet 55 runs around $866,750. You can also charter a Learjet 55 starting at around $3,000 an hour. 

Learjet 55 Performance:

Seat Capacity: 7-8 passengers with 2 crew members

Max Speed: 527 mph 

Cruise Speed: 426 mph 

Range: 2,492 miles

Service Ceiling: 49,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 4,059 ft/m

Fuel Consumption: 188 gph

Learjet 45

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The Learjet 45 was first released in 1998 and ended production in 2008. Like the Learjet 55, the 45 has the Learjet 45RX model. The Learjet 45RX has some updated features from the 45 like higher take off weights and faster cruise times. 

The 45 model was created to compete against its rival, the Cessna Citation Excel. The Cessna model has a larger cabin volume (stand-up room) at 5.7 ft while the 45RX’s cabin volume is 4.92 ft. However, the Learjet 45 models beats the Cessna Citation in a number of features like having a longer range and better fuel consumption. 

The price range for a used Learjet 45 typically runs between $2,750,000 to $3,995,000. 

Learjet 45 Performance:

Seat Capacity: 8 passengers with 2 crew members

Max Speed: 535 mph 

Cruise Speed: 514 mph 

Range: 1, 968 miles

Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 4,500 ft/m

Fuel Consumption: 198 gph

Learjet 35A

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As a small sized jet and one of the smaller Learjet models, the Learjet 35A holds its own with its superior range capabilities and outstanding speeds. The 35A model has been a popular choice for military usage, used by both the United States Air Force and United States National Guard. Other international military branches use the 35A as means of transporting government officials.

The typical price range for a used Learjet 35A runs between $429,000 and $1,350,000. 

Learjet 35A Performance:

Seat Capacity: 6 passengers with 2 crew members

Max Speed: 519 mph 

Cruise Speed: 481 mph 

Range: 2, 336 miles

Service Ceiling: 45,000 feet

Rate of Climb: 4,525 ft/m

Fuel Consumption: 197 gph

Conclusion: Customize Your Learjet Aircraft Interior

No matter what Learjet model you choose, it’s in good hands with Southern Air Custom Interiors. You can trust the experienced and knowledgeable team to maintain your timeless Learjet aircraft. Southern Air Custom Interiors provides high quality customizations, refurbishments, maintenance and top notch aircraft inspections that are guaranteed to keep your Learjet performing optimally. 
Make sure you preserve the luxurious history and superb quality of your Learjet by contacting Southern Air Custom Interiors today.

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