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What is NetJets?

NetJets is a reliable private jet company that enables individuals to fly internationally at affordable pricing through fractional ownership shares. This Netjets review will tell you all you need to know about the company.

The history of NetJets dates back to when it was founded in 1964 when it was initially called Executive Jet Airways, and in 2002 was renamed NetJets. Remarkably it was the first private business jet charter company in the world. 

NetJet’s innovation of fractional ownership changed the game for private jet companies and best serves individuals or families who fly under 50 hours a year and want an affordable private jet option. By offering light, mid-sized, super-midsize, large, and long-range jets, NetJets has all needs covered. 

Continuing as a trendsetter, in 2020 NetJets committed to offsetting its carbon output by buying offsets for its administration and training flights. Multiple other jet companies are following suit. 

The NetJets fleet offers comfort and convenience. Each jet’s interior has the finest leather and expert handiwork, and passengers have the luxury of the multiple services offered on a flight with NetJets. Read on to find out why NetJets appeals to individuals across America.

NetJets Review

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Who is NetJets For?

NetJets is an industry-leading premier private jet company that offers three different programs for individuals, NetJets Share, NetJets Lease, and NetJets Card, making it an excellent option for individuals or families looking for a reliable jet company. 

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NetJet Fleet

  • Light Jets
    • This jet is perfect for flights up to 4 hours with a maximum of 6 passengers. Passengers have optimal luggage storage space and an interior designed for conversation. Equipped with a drink and snack bar, NetJets offers signature in-flight dining to all passengers. 
  • Midsize Jets
    • NetJets has three midsize jets that can carry up to 8 passengers for a maximum of a 7-hour flight. This jet is perfect for the on-the-go worker, equipped with a wifi connection and power outlets. 
  • Super Midsize Jets
    • Similar to the midsize jet, this jet is perfect for 7-hour flights and can carry up to 9 passengers with luggage. These jets come with in-flight entertainment, precise cabin temperature control, wifi, and flight tracking. 
  • Large Jets
    • NetJets has one large jet, ready for 9-hour flights carrying up to 11 passengers with luggage. This jet has private flight attendants, an inflight entertainment system, a universal power outlet at every seat, and fine dining options. 
  • Long Range Jets
    • NetJets has four long-range jets for flights lasting up to 16-hours carrying up to 14 passengers with luggage. Passengers travel comfortably with personal cabin control at every seat, flight attendants, and entertainment systems. With a full bar, individuals are pleased with the delicious dining options. 

NetJet Features

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NetJet Cards

  • What are jet cards?
    • NetJet cards are best for those enticed by a short-term commitment and fly fewer than 50 hours per year. Individuals pay a fixed fee and have increased opportunities to fly with NetJet. 
  • Who needs jet cards? 
    • NetJet cards are best for anyone looking to fly 20-30 hours a year. Individuals with a NetJet card can call as little as 10 hours ahead of the needed flight. This option is excellent for families. 

NetJets Corporate Angel Card

  • What is the Corporate Angel Card?
    • When individuals purchase 25-hours on the Corporate Angel Card, NetJets contributes one flight hour to patients traveling to cancer treatment. 
  • Who needs the Corporate Angel Card?
    • Every individual looking to purchase a card with NetJets should consider purchasing the Angel Card. 

NetJets Pros

  • Multiple types of aircrafts
    • NetJets offers light jets, midsize jets, super-midsize jets, large jets, and long-range jets. 
  • NetJets cards
    • NetJet offers cards for individuals to get better pricing with more flexible options for flying. 
  • Premier services
    • NetJets provides personalized services, including premier dining, flight operations, and options to fly pets. 

NetJets Cons

  • Expensive 
    • Compared to other private jet companies, NetJets is more expensive. Users recommend that anyone considering NetJets sign up for the waiting list for one of their cards. 
  • Limited amount of aircrafts offered
    • NetJet’s fleet is expansive in scope but limited in how many are available; therefore, individuals may need to join a waiting list for some NetJets flights. 

NetJets Pricing

NetJet requires individuals to contact them for accurate pricing as it varies depending on the services you need:

  • Acquisition cost/monthly lease payment
  • Monthly management fee
  • Occupied hourly fee (OHF)
  • Fuel variable rate
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How Much Does It Cost to Fly with NetJet?

Acquisition Cost

The NetJets share plan means you are a fraction owner, and pricing depends on the share size and type of aircraft purchased for fractional jet ownership contracts and is a one-time investment. 

For the private jet leasing program, lessees have a monthly fee based on the aircraft chosen for the length of the contract. 

Monthly Management Fee

When considering NetJet, ensure to consider pilot salaries and training, insurance, and hangar rent. The average monthly management fee covers indirect operating costs and can add up when not factored in. 

Occupied Hourly Fee

Based on flight activity, this variable fee covers operating costs like cleaning, catering, maintenance, etc.

Fuel Variable Rate

This fee is applied to each flight and depends on the amount of fuel consumed.

The good news is that NetJets doesn’t charge positioning costs as long as you’re flying within the contiguous U.S. and certain Canadian cities or between the collective service area and popular international destinations. 

Another bonus is that NetJets doesn’t have minimum flight charges. You are only charged for the time that you fly. 

NetJet Alternatives

NetJet’s competitors include:

  • FlexJet
  • VistaJet
  • Aircare International
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • John Menzies

These private jet companies offer flying services yet lack the affordability and flexibility of NetJets. 

When choosing NetJets, individuals are committing to top-of-the-line jets with pleasing interiors.

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